Friday, November 21, 2014

Screw-ups are a way to learn – right? RIGHT??? #amwriting

Then why is it that I'm constantly saying to myself - will you never learn!!!?
I thought I’d share something with you today that recently jumped up and bit me in the ass.

I’ve been at this Indie stuff for so long, I get kinda relaxed sometimes, thinking I’ve got it all covered. You know, old hand who knows it all sorta thing…!!

Well guess what? It’s not true.

I’m as infallible as the next person. And even though I know better, there are times when everything is going along so well, that I’m just up there working hard, floating away on my little cloud.

Until a 747 shoots through and wham - I wake up!!

My airplane last week was this: I’d set up two of my books to go on special promotions for Friday - Together for Christmas and Lovable Christmas Angel.

Together for Christmas was supposed to be on EReaderCafé on Friday for their promotion called “Book of the Day” that cost me $35.

True, it’s not one of the more expensive advertisements, but because of my own ineptness—the fact that I totally *FORGOT* what day it was—turns out I wasted my money plus the time it took to get it set up.

Maybe even more important—I blew it with this site, which could possibly give me a bad name. I’m not sure how different venues handle this type of thing—authors ignoring or forgetting to change the prices on their books—but I imagine the author only gets a few chances to screw up before they’re denied services (my own supposition….must look into this one day!!)

Also, Loveable Christmas Angel had been set up on Friday on a site called Read Cheaply. Now you might think this wouldn’t bother me as much since it cost me nothing as it's a free promotion.


It’s very difficult to get your books listed here; one can only submit a book every 30 days. In fact, I keep the date on a post-it note in front of me so I can jump on it as soon as the time is up. Therefore, to blow it after I’d waited so long, gives me a huge gut-ache. As you can imagine, this is also one of the promotions that gets you great exposure and usually a lot of sales. So all I can say is….. arggrrrrr!!!

After this fiasco, I swore never to get caught out again. I decided to take steps to remind myself of the day by placing it on my calendar and have Windows Live send me an e-mail on the important day to remind me. Good idea – right?

Not so much!! Yesterday morning, I read the notice and registered it as – Right! Tonight I have to change the prices on my books. Unfortunately, ten other things I needed to do before then took over and the thought faded as fast as it arrived.  

But… knowing myself and what a skitz I can be, after I’d stopped kicking myself last weekend, I had also set the alarm on my phone for every Thursday at 9:00pm.
So… there I was last night watching my shows on TV, relaxing after a hard day of writing and Rriinngggggg!!!


I’d done it again.

Only this time, my phone saved my ass.

I luvvv my phone xo

**Please - learn your lesson through my dumb mistakes. Don’t take anything for granted when it comes to remembering important chores. Do whatever it takes to give yourself a nudge, a reminder, a kick in the…. ah…yeah!!


  1. Relax Mimi! You are juggling a lot of balls in the air. Breathe, breathe!

    1. Hey - I only spaced out for as long as it took me to run through my favorite cuss words. Then i shrugged it off and set my phone....phew!!

  2. I have my own special version of these sorts of screw-ups. I always remember their dates. I just can't seem to keep track of where I am in the mouth. I laugh to myself sometimes thinking if someone were to ask me those sorts of questions they do to assess mental alertness, like what day of the week is this, you might have to visit me at the funny farm. Maybe we could have tea there together one day :)

  3. Oh dear.
    *hugs* It's okay.

    At least you found a solution!

    1. Thanks Anna. I think my solution is to stop and think! And... make sure I set my alarm also! LOL