Monday, November 24, 2014

Chris LaBonty - @HeadTalker Co-founder - explains why it's your best option for promotion!!

A way for authors to get more exposure

Let’s face it! The internet is so fast paced that it is easy for your wonderful information to get lost among all the memes posted on your friends’ and followers’ social media feeds. How are you supposed to get anyone to see what you are talking about with all this chatter going on? Some people might resort to paying for Facebook Ads or Google Ads to get exposure, but who wants to click on an ad nowadays. With all of these users using these social media sites and the limits they have put on the users to get exposure might leave you wondering if your posts are even getting seen. That is why my team and I have created HeadTalker for you to use to help get your content more exposure online!

What is HeadTalker? HeadTalker is the only 100% free crowdspeaking platform in the world that can help take your message viral! Think of a HeadTalker campaign as an all-or-nothing crowdfunding campaign but instead of your supporters contributing money, they contribute their social media voice. You select the time and date you want your message and link to be shared by your supporters. Once your campaign is successful, your message and link are posted by all of your supporters simultaneously through all of their their own individual social media accounts. This helps you break the algorithms set by the social media sites which allows your post to be seen and shared by more people.

HeadTalker does need authorization by you to post the message on your social media account so please don’t worry about messages being posted that you did not support. HeadTalker only stores a token that is given by the social networks over a secure connection to allow for the post to be made one time. This means that the only posts that will be displayed on your social media account are from the campaigns that you personally support. The social media sites have created the APIs that we are approved to use which means they already have knowledge and access to your account information. Our site only stores the minimum amount of permissions for the site to function properly for the people who use our site.

Why is HeadTalker the best option? I’m not only saying this because I am the co-founder of the site, but I truly believe our site is the best option for crowdspeaking. First off, you never have to pay to use HeadTalker.   We give you almost all the features for free that other platforms like ours will charge you for. HeadTalker is also the first crowdspeaking platform in the world that is available to LinkedIn users. This helps you get more supporters since you have more social media sites you can gain support from. Also when you use HeadTalker, your campaign will automatically receive 250,000 free social reach to help give your campaign a boost. We also approve campaigns 12-24 hours after they are submitted while providing our users with speedy customer service.

HeadTalker has a very strong community of people of love to help support each other creators’ campaigns. We have been very popular with authors and have seen that they are very supportive of each other’s books. This makes HeadTalker a great choice for authors who are looking for free promotion for their new releases to help spread the word about their work.

Best Regards,
Chris LaBonty

***I am delighted that Chris sent me this post to share with all of you. It explains the concept of his work a lot better than I ever could. What I can tell you is that it really worked well for me on the release of Special Agent Finnegan. So don't hesitate to try Headtalker and tell all your friends. See below his social media links where you can like and follow him and add him to your friends. It only takes a few minutes!!***



  1. Mimi, thank you for this blog. Chris, I haven't used Headtalker, but after reading your article, I plan to give it a try. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about Headtalker!

    Donna Fasano
    Author of An Almost Perfect Christmas
    Join my Street Team: Prima Donnas

  2. What an informative blog-- and a personal thank you to Chris for his explanation as well. I have used Headtalker with a BPIC campaign but will use it for my next release! Exciting!!

  3. Really interesting option for promo and getting the word out. Thanks Chris for laying it out so clearly and to Mimi for sharing!

  4. Very interesting. I will give Headtalker a call when my next books come out.

  5. Thanks for this, Mimi. And thank you, Chris, for the great explanation of Headtalker. Definitely on my list for my upcoming release.

  6. I keep trying to comment, lol - I am definitely looking forward to trying this out - thank you!

  7. Thanks for the informative blog Chris. I'm running my first campaign now and found that to be an issue with many people. They didn't understand the concept and weren't comfortable with Headtalker having access to their social media accounts. This clears up a lot of misconceptions. Mimi, thank you again for all your wonderful support and for pointing me in the right direction to achieve my goals. You're the best :)

  8. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I did get a note from Chris who was thrilled with the response. If you ever have a campaign that you need support for - Let me know :-)))