Thursday, October 2, 2014

An Almost Perfect Christmas is a perfect read for the holidays! By Donna Fasano #Christmas @DonnaFaz

Today, I'd like to welcome
USA Today best-selling author,
Donna Fasano .
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Sweet Christmas Kisses.
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“Gloves, hat, scarf, insulated jacket,” she said. “I’m ready.”

He paused long enough to shoot her a serious look. “You’re being a great sport about all of this, Christy. Being dragged out in the cold on Christmas Eve is going above the call.”

She smiled at him, and suddenly he couldn’t seem to draw a breath. He felt as if he was really seeing her for the first time, and she was a stunningly beautiful woman.

Izzie rapped on his window.

Her voice was muffled as she urged, “Come on, Daddy.”

The adults exited the car, and as soon as Aaron closed the door, he looked across the roof at Christy. Her blond hair curled softly around her shoulders, and her hands were stuffed into her jacket pockets. She walked up the ramp toward the boardwalk, and Aaron couldn’t help but notice how nicely she filled out her jeans with soft curves.

He’d realized she had a kind and giving nature; no one would sacrifice their own Christmas for the sake of a child unless that person was very special, indeed. But why hadn’t he noticed just how pretty she was? Or how enticingly her hips swayed when she walked?

“Oh, wow, how pretty!”

Aaron had to smile when his daughter shouted out the very words that were racing through his head. Of course, Izzie was describing something totally different.
This delightful story - plus 13 more - are part of the newest
Christmas Collection called
Sweet Christmas Kisses



  1. Cute excerpt--this anthology sound's like a great way to spend an evening in front of the fire with a cup of hot tea!

    1. LOL I'm not sure you'll get it finished in one evening :-) But it will be a treat!!

  2. Mimi, thank you for featuring An Almost Perfect Christmas and Sweet Christmas Kisses!

  3. Enjoyed the excerpt, :) Izzie sounds like she keeps her dad busy, lol