Wednesday, October 22, 2014

AN ALMOST PERFECT CHRISTMAS by #tenbrides Donna Fasano – A tribute to sad times for real people! @donnafaz

When I read this post, I have to admit to tears welling. I, too, have a beautiful friend who lost her young son close to this season and it's a heart-wrenching glimpse of hell for anyone who's had a similar experience. As much as I love her, I couldn't even begin to imagine - didn't want to - still don't. In the same way as Donna's friend has continued to live her life, so has mine. Therefore, I'll think of her as I read this wonderful story.... 

If you read the reviews that have been left on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads for AN ALMOSTPERFECT CHRISTMAS, you will see that many readers recommend clutching a box of tissues as you read. Why, you might ask, would an author choose to write a sad holiday story? I’m happy to explain.


One of my very best friends lost her daughter on May 3, 2003. It was an unimaginably tragic event that no parent should ever have to face. But some do. I won’t describe the hellish grief my friend has experienced and continues to experience; however, if you have a child you love and cherish, well… details of the despair aren’t necessary.


I have been there for my friend as much as possible through her years of agony. I cry with her and console her as best I can. I also laugh with her while recalling wonderful memories. My friend will never forget her beloved daughter, and I intend to spend the rest of my live remembering right along with her.


Fate has stolen “perfect” from my friend. No event, no matter how special, will ever be perfect for her. There will be no perfect holidays, no perfect outings, no perfect anything. That’s just how it is for parents who have lost a precious child. Even so, I have watched my friend continue to live her life, boldly and courageously. She enjoys each moment as much as she possibly can. She has taken “almost perfect” and created some good times. (A personal note to her: I love you, Karen, and I am so proud to call you my sister-friend.) Surviving tragedy and living life with as much happiness and hope possible is why I wrote AN ALMOST PERFECT CHRISTMAS. 


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