Friday, September 26, 2014

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Carmen has a huge heart and is always helping other authors  have their time to shine. Today, it's hers...

One of the number one questions other authors ask me is how do I promote my new book on social networks?

Well, my answer might surprise you. You can’t. It does little good to promote your book on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and umpteen other social networks if no one knows you. Sadly, even when many people know you, it still doesn’t work as we all wish it would. Trust me…I just published my eleventh book, and I’m still clawing for answers.

What I do know is that you need an online presence. The more places you set yourself up, the more likely readers will recognize you and your book when it’s available or when you offer it up for a promotion. The more sites you and your book land on, the better chance that Google search engines will pick up your post too.

No time to be sociable; no problem. Most of the places I recommend you join require very little time after your initial sign up.

Here are just a few sites to start you off, along with why I think you should join. Need help? I’m always an email away.

Set up a blog, preferably with a custom domain name. Blogger is easy and has tons of free widgets so you can customize. If you have a book published, readers and aspiring authors (who are readers too) want to hear from you. They want to know how you wrote your book, what you went through, and how you got published. You may not feel like an authority, but you are. Post at least once a week and change up your posts. You can promote your book, but make sure you offer writing and publishing posts in between self-marketing posts. And don’t be afraid to promote other authors. If you set up your site properly with links to your books, every time someone clicks on your blog to read about other authors and writing posts, they see your book. You’re marketing without marketing, and that’s the best way to market.

Triberr is one of my favorite social network sites. Once you sign up, simply find Tribes that you have something in common with. Set your sharing at the interval you prefer (I like once an hour), and then you simply go in once a day or every few days and approve all the blogs you want to share. Why is this good for you? Well, it keeps your Twitter feed active, and when you post a blog, all those tribemates you shared will share yours. There simply isn’t a better way to get your blog noticed, again without you promoting it ten times a day on just your feed. Marketing without marketing.

Twitter… The necessary evil… I love Twitter, but it doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. With sharing devices like Hootsuite, Triberr, and Roundteam, you don’t have to feel trapped by it. Nor do you have to be a bot. Do what you can. Pick a time that you want to chat and meet friends. My best advice. USE THE LISTS. Make a private list of your readers. And then, any lists you want of your favorite author friends and book bloggers. It will make it so much easier to stay in touch without you spending time looking for your mates.

Google Plus: Don’t miss this! I’m pretty sure Google will rule the world one day. The nice thing about Google follows is that like a Facebook fan page, you don’t have to approve friendships. And once readers sign up, every time you post, it’ll go right to their inbox.

Don’t forget to sign up for your Amazon Author Page: Readers can sign up to receive notifications of your new releases, see your Twitter account, and even your blog.

Facebook fan page: Yep, you have a friend page, but make sure you set up your fan page. Readers want to connect with you. The nice thing is you don’t have to decide whom to friend. Anyone can like your page.

Email signature. Seems easy, but it amazes me how many authors don’t use this. Again, you’re not asking anyone to buy your book, read your website, or follow you on Twitter. It’s just there. So if they like chatting with you, more than likely, they’ll click a link.

Whether you ever use these next sites or not, you should sign up for them. They’ll be there when you’re ready. Don’t forget…we’re looking for platform building and online presence.

Okay…now I know you’re asking…but where do I market my book? The best place to market your books in online book clubs. Some charge, some don’t, some only promote free or 99-cent books, some promote all books.

There are hundreds and hundreds…but here are a few I recommend that your book doesn’t have to be on sale to post your book.

If/when you ever offer your book at a discounted price, there are thousands of places; however, I only like a few for the money.

The best, but very expensive:

The best, for the price:

Oh, and my free place… I’m picky, but I’m FREE! And once I promote you, I promote you forever! (The only charge is if you want me to boost your post, and I highly recommend boosting. Boosted posts receive 30% more hits. BUT…as I said, it’s optional. I don’t charge a penny. J

I hope some of the information above is helpful. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Just take a day here and there and go down the lists. Once you set up the sites, they’ll be working for you. And as I said above, I’m always available for questions. You can email me

You can also connect with me at one of my cyber homes.


  1. I am...reading through my Triberr feed I mentioned above, looking for interesting posts to share with my avid-reading and writing friends and 'BAM'...I spy a post I wrote. I totally forgot I gave that post to you. LOL!

    Well, I still believe it's simple info that many know, but it works, even without a Book Bub ad. I actually just used all those suggestions for one of my books yesterday. :)

    Thanks for sharing, Mimi!

    1. LOL I had it scheduled and forgot to send you the head's-up!! It's very useful info for everyone who has books to sell so I'm glad you let me post it. xo

  2. Carmen,
    This is like gold--thank you so much for this information. I am so very grateful! Thanks for posting, Mimi.
    ~Carole Avila

    1. I'm just glad that Carmen said I could - I knew as soon as I saw this how invaluable it would be for many of my followers. :-)