Saturday, September 13, 2014

Do I have a great cover artist or don’t I? You won’t believe what I asked for…

My new cover!!!

I still say I have the best cover artist in the business. I bet you’re asking yourself – did he pay me with a free cover to say this? Aha! I’m not admitting to anything…  lol

Seriously, it’s the best feeling in the world to know that when you get a crazy idea, it never gets scoffed at. Every time, I’ve asked for something special or extra, he’s tried to crawl into my imagination and produce what I’ve envisioned.

Thankfully, most times, he’s come up with something even better and I’ve grabbed it quick before he changes his mind. I guess it’s the difference between an artistic brain and one filled chockablock full of words.

This time though, I have to say I asked for exactly what he produced.

My request: Steven, can you make me a new cover for “She’s Not You”. One with a little blonde baby girl, about three years-old, a bride and make it with a Christmas theme.

I think he did a fabulous job.

If you’re looking for a person with lots of patience, a businesslike persona and a good sense of humor, try my guy…

Steven Novak –





  1. Hooray! Very nice cover. Congrats! I can vouch for his awesomeness, too. Steven did my cover and it was the most pain-free, enjoyable, professional experience.

    1. Then you know why I love working with him. Plus, he has a fabulous eye for the important details...!!

  2. Wow, looks fantabulous, Mimi, congrats :) I hear nothing but good about Steven

  3. Your cover is lovely. It seems to be the day for cover reveals. I did mine today as well.

    1. You should have left your address so I could find you and check out the cover. Glad you liked mine :-)