Thursday, August 28, 2014

Please welcome my friend, futuristic Sci-Fi author, Colin Setterfield!


Colin Setterfield was born and educated in South Africa. He worked as a Work Study Officer for a large Appliance Exporting company before being promoted to Industrial Projects Engineer for the company’s Natal mid-land works at Newcastle, RSA. In 1982 he left Industry to follow a full-time calling as an ordained church minister and served in several churches until 1994. In October of that year he immigrated with his family to Canada and started a church in Nanaimo, BC. In 2007 Colin retired from church ministry to take up a position as Warranty Manager for an RV Sales group and after two years he resigned and spent the next four years in Alberta, doing construction work for Horton CB&I. Now, fully retired, he has recently written and self-published a book called The Helium-3 Conspiracy, which can be found on The book will also shortly be released on the site. A second book, called “Subduction Zone”, will also be available soon.


A short word from the author:


Many times I am asked, “Why did you write this sort-of-a-book?” The answer is usually shot straight from the hip—“I love writing and I love science!” Writing, for me, is one of the greatest forms of expression.  Anyone who has even a slight creative streak, will seek to express that creativity in some form of art—writing novels is my chosen form of art. In the early days of my working career as an Industrial Engineer, I sought to channel my creative streak into improving the production and economics of companies. Later on I took up a calling as an ordained minister and that same creative streak was channeled into preaching sermons and teaching the “truths” of scripture.

After twenty years of ministry I rediscovered my passion for the sciences and began combining that passion with my faith—this changed my outlook on Life forever! I was set free from fundamentalist ideals and was delivered into a much greater understanding of my faith, the Cosmos and its evolutionary principles. At times this will appear in my writings, but generally not.  I can only hope, that with time, I will be able to emulate the successes achieved by the many great writers who have published their manuscripts with same hopes I presently entertain. The whole process of writing professionally and self-publishing is an enormous learning curve; not for the faint-hearted! But don’t give up when literary adversity comes—keep that streak operating in your life and never allow discouragement to take over because your passion will win out in the end.

Description: The Helium-3 Conspiracy

The Year is 2026 and FBI Special Agent Jeremy Gibson finds himself in a difficult situation. He has covertly been searching the residence of a powerful and well-connected Senator, looking for clues that would point to the murder of Jeremy’s superior, Tony Underwood.

Vital evidence in the form of Underwood’s badge, kept in a drawer in the Senator’s home office, is discovered but unfortunately Jeremy is caught red-handed and pursued by two men who appear to be CIA agents.  There is only one person whom he can trust to take over the investigation if he is caught – Jake Dobrowski. Jeremy breaks into Jake’s office and leaves the badge, with a note, urging Jake to continue the investigation of the Senator if anything should befall him. The following morning Jeremy Gibson is found dead.

The Earth has recently undergone some drastic climatic changes and the G8 countries have pooled their resources to introduce a new, clean energy source from fusion reaction, fueled by Helium-3, an isotope of lighter than air gas. The new Global Energy Participation Agreement is an accord to move away from fossil fuels and, within ten years, be completely reliant on the new energy source. The signing of the agreement was not popular with the World Oil Industry and the Oil Liberation Front, a powerful lobbying group, contrives a plan to gain control of the process in favor of their own agenda.

The Moon’s regolith, the only real source of the new energy, is being mined by an international group of twelve astronaut miners, hoping to store up enough Helium-3 to start the transition from fossil fuels. The OLF intend to disrupt it. Jake Dobrowski, a struggling private investigator since his fall from grace as an internationally known journalist, has an opportunity to set the record straight if he can reel in Agent Gibson’s infamous senator. This very same senator had been the cause of Jake’s initial downfall, loss of career and failing marriage. Armed only with Underwood’s badge Jake sets things in motion and soon discovers that Underwood’s death is only the tip of the iceberg.

 Richard Baker, the 46th president of the United States, has his hands full with the hijacking of a lethal nuclear weapon and the knowledge of a possible conspiracy within his own ranks. The outcome might be too ghastly to contemplate but a twist in the final chapters will reveal all.

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