Friday, August 8, 2014

Kobo’s help results with a huge hike in sales!! #1 in 3 categories!!!

Today’s results for: Ten Brides For Ten Heroes

This is what I saw today before performing like Kermit (froggy) and almost falling out of my office chair.

I know I told you in my last blog that the folks at Kobo were approachable and helpful to those with products they felt their readers would appreciate. And I am so happy to be able to prove that I was right. They did help our box collection and the results are indisputable.



It's no surprise to me that Romance is the genre that sells best on Kobo. I think we all agree that it's the biggest market out there today. I love the way they've titled the Erotica line as "More Active". That it’s second surprises me. I had thought Romantic Suspense held that place.

Mark Lefebvre mentioned about the first book in a series being a great promotional tool. As you know, they have no problem letting us publish a free book.

In case you can’t read the small titles under the boxes, on the first line it says: free downloads, readers opened and readers completed. This refers to standalone books. Under the next graph which refers to a series it says - readers: completed, purchased w/read, purchased w/o read and total series units sold. This is their way of showing that free books aren't the selling tool they once were - but if the book is the first in a series, the readers take it more seriously and will follow through.

Must apply soon as this promotion ends on Aug 15th.

If you've plans to have your books translated into different languages or if you already have them ready to publish, Kobo will accept them in French, German and Italian. From what I gathered at the National Conference, foreign markets will be the next big thing - that and audio books.
Sheesh - there's always something new to deal with and learn. Don't-cha just love this business!!

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