Sunday, July 20, 2014

Why have B&N let us down?

Here are all the wonderful books that make up
Ten Brides for Ten Heroes!!

When you see all ten full-length books spread out like this, it makes much more of an impact. At least it does for me. Ten authors wrote these individual stories, worked hard to entertain the readers and by joining them together, made a wonderful presentation, keeping the price at $.99.
Why then has it sold so terribly on Barnes & Noble? Our numbers have been great on Amazon. We just can’t seem to get the same lift there. If any of you have an answer, please do comment. It’s a mystifying situation for all of us involved. And I'd love to know what you know... or think???
Ten Brides Distributors


  1. I think that the main secret is that the topic of brides and wedding is evergreen. Girls will always be interested in all the related issues. Therefore, success and super sales are guaranteed if you ensure proper marketing.

    1. Thanks for your comment, David. Proper marketing is so difficult nowadays. We did hit all the big promo places and it's given us good numbers on Amazon. Just gotta figure out how re can promo B&N in the same way. I was hoping someone out there knew of a specific advertiser that was hooked up with B&N???