Saturday, July 12, 2014

#TenBrides need help - Reaching for the stars!!


As most of you know by now I’ve been a part of the Ten Brides for Ten Heroes book collection and the experience has been mind-blowing. For me, I’ve put most of my other work on hold and tried to focus on the needs of this set. First I had to write Love Me Tender so I could be a part of the collection. And then I wanted to do my share and so I took on much of the promotional needs for Ten Brides.

Being an Indie author, I’ve always understood that our books need to be advertised in order to get into the hands of many. Expecting that with ten of us pushing this would be easier was a fallacy. It wasn’t. In fact, I’d say it was harder because we had such huge hopes for the book to get into the top ranking. And that wasn’t just on Amazon but with all the distributors.

We did put the book on pre-order but I don’t believe it was there long enough. We did get a few reviews from people who had read our individual books, so they could honestly mention their enjoyment for a specific writer but there weren’t enough of those either. I guess you could say we did most of the things we needed to do, but maybe too little too late. In retrospect, we might have done things differently.

On the other hand, there are more and more people jumping onto the idea of joining forces and putting together books in a collection and soon the competition will be fierce. One thing I do know is that you need to be open to any and every opportunity to get that book into the hands of the readers.

So far we’ve used:  

Book Sends, Kindle Books & Tips, EBook Booster, Bargain Booksey, Goddess Fish Book Tour, Digital Books Today, EReader Buddy, Midlist, Best Books Free, OHFBooks, Ereader News

And we’ve published a free cookbook which we hoped would spread the word and help us to get found. I think it’s been successful.

We also hosted a Facebook event that was - for me – too long as we kept it going for a week and took a lot out of all of us. None of us had a huge following on FB and so I’m not sure it was worth the time and effort. Best thing about it was the new friends we made and the fun we had.

In order for us to reach the stars (our goal) the lists, we still have other promotions we will be focusing on to try and push the book that much further So far, we’ve been able to get the ranking to under a 100 and that’s been soooo difficult.

Do we need to go higher?

You betcha!! We need to get to the top ten….. gulp!!

Therefore, please pass on the word to all your friends that there’s a free cookbook that goes along with this wonderful collection from New York Times and USA Today best-selling authors. The price is phenomenal! We’re selling ten, full-length books for 99 cents. You should all treat yourself! Because the books are about brides and weddings, it’s also a great gift for those of your friends who love romance. Don’t believe me– check out the latest reviews that are now coming in from the happy readers who bought us so far.

They like us!!!!  
You’ll like us!!!
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  1. The reviews have been great, Mimi! Thanks for this post.

    Donna Fasano
    Prima Donnas

  2. I'm looking forward to these novels. Well done Mimi and the rest of your group!