Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not Barnes & Noble's fault - Mine!! #NookBN

Julia Coblentz and Sarah Dickman

These two ladies were Barnes & Noble representatives that put on the presentation at the RWA Convention in San Antonio last week.

They spoke well and eloquently about their company and made me realise that when authors fail to benefit from their help, it’s mainly because we haven’t reached out.

They do have a marketing plan in place and by e-mailing to we can take advantage of what they offer.

This was fabulous news to me because as you know by my last blog post, I was rather frustrated with our numbers on B&N for our box collection Ten Brides for Ten Heroes. Turns out, it was my own fault for not researching ways to connect.  

Merchandising opportunities:

-         Guest posts – pitches welcome

-         Nook Firsts

-         Category promotions

-         Seasonal sales

There’s also a community we can access called Nook Press Blog – the Indie Nook Blog is separate but can be cross-channeled. And live chat services are often available. Plus a Facebook page for us to check out….

Right now, I have contacted Sarah Dickman and hope to have some positive results that I can share with you down the road.

**I need to apologise for the quality of the photos I took with my phone. I'm one of those idiots who push the phone when I push the button.....I know....duh!!! 


** Another apology is necessary... goodness I'm full of it today!! :-) I left the same blog post up far longer than I like to do, but when a person is on holidays in New Orleans, then San Antonio and followed by a RWA National convention, no matter how sure one is that they'd be able to continue with blog posts, it just didn't happen. So know that the margaritas won out over any sacrifices I had planned LOL.



  1. I purposely bought your set on Nook just to see if it works, and it did.

    1. Thanks for that Rachelle. And for letting me know. And if you ever need a boost on sales or a blog to post on a new release, I'm your girl xo

  2. Thank you, Mimi. This was valuable and helpful advice.

    1. You're very welcome, Carole. Please check out the latest follow up blog to see what the end result was when I wrote to them.