Thursday, July 3, 2014

From chemistry in the lab to chemistry between people. By @MonaRisks

I'm delighted to welcome another of the "Ten Brides for Ten Heroes" authors to my blog today. Her name is Mona Risk and she is a wonderful writer with many titles to her credit that you can find here on Amazon. We were also collaborators with the Free Partay events and so some of you might recognize her name.

To be honest, I never thought that hazardous waste analysis would lead me to write novels, but with a father who was a professor in literature and published author, I grew up surrounded by books. When my Ph.D. and work in chemistry landed me contracts to refurbish laboratories in foreign countries, I traveled to more than fifty countries. To relax from my hectic schedule, I avidly read romance and mentally plotted my own novels. Eventually, I left a scientific career to share with readers the many stories brewing in my head.

The Holiday Babies Series is the story of the Ramsay family who lives in the heart of Kentucky and vacations in Florida. A family with values and a strong sense of unity that comprises five daughters and their partners, and numerous babies who create chaos and bring smiles.

I thought that my boxed set Holiday Babies would consist of three novels: the stories of the two oldest Ramsay sisters, Madelyn and Roxanne, and that of their mother, Barbara.

But when many readers emailed me asking when the two youngest Ramsay sisters, Claire and Tiffany, and their stepsister, Monica, would find their Happy Ever After, I felt compelled to write Claire’s story.

WEDDING SURPRISE (Holiday Babies Series II) is my contribution to the TEN BRIDES FOR TEN HEROES boxed set.

Claire and her boyfriend, David, loved each other since she was in high school, but they faced many challenges over the years, and there were times when she thought she would lose him. Finally, Claire's dream of a wonderful white wedding to the man she adores is about to come true.

Then Adriana, the high-school classmate who’s tried to snatch David several times, makes an announcement that threatens to destroy the couple's happiness. A new challenge, just two weeks before their big day.

David’s heart is pulled in different directions and Claire has to rely on her love to understand and help her fianc√© turn the worst possible news into the best wedding surprise.


Mona Risk writes romantic suspense, medical romance, contemporary romances, and paranormal fantasy. Sprinkled with a good dose of humor, her stories are set in the fascinating places she visited, from exotic Belarus, and historical France, to the beaches of Greece, the monuments of Egypt and the mysterious Islands of Seychelles—or more simply in Ohio, Florida, Boston and Washington, DC.

Her books have garnered Top Picks, Outstanding Read, Sweetheart of the Week and Best Book of the Week at various reviewers, received two mentions in Publisher’s Weekly, and won several awards, from Best Contemporary Romance of the Year at READERS FAVORITE with two Gold Medals, to EPPIE award finalist and Best Romance Novel of the Year at Preditors & Editors Readers Poll.

A month ago she won the OUTSTANDING ACHIEVER Award at Affaire de Coeur Magazine.

Mona Risk lives in Florida with her husband and true hero. She writes and reads while traveling and discovering unchartered territories and fresh inspiration for interesting stories and new settings.
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  1. Love it, Mona - what a great story.

  2. Thank you Mimi for inviting me to your beautiful blog.

  3. Hi Patrice, I'm enjoying every minute of our collective work and effort with the talented authors of the Ten Brides for Ten Heroes.