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Partners who don't trust each other...
When attractive Las Vegas detective Aurora Morelli makes a friend, she takes the relationship very seriously…and if anyone hurts that person, they’re going down! While Aurora may be slim and dainty on the outside, she has the heart of a lion, and when angry, the manners of a she-cat. The sick schmuck who dared attack her partner is now her prime target. Nothing or no one will stand in her way—except maybe her new partner who arrives in town seeking vengeance on the same culprit.
Kai Lawson, a young Bruce Willis lookalike, has his sights on the same rapist that his attractive new partner is determined to catch. Only his plans do not include capture. The devil raped his sister and only death will satisfy Kai’s lust for revenge.
Her new partner was a man.
Not just any man. He was the type she used to fall for in her younger years. The cocky dude who knew he was prime. Sexy as all get out, Mr. Hotshot who’d been spoiled by the ladies and loved the attention. Before she could react, Cory appeared in the doorway wearing the look of a boss who wasn’t about to put up with any of her shit. As her mouth opened, his hand went up.
“Not a word, Aurora.”
Her mouth refused to close. Her finger pointed at the sloucher who sat watching this interaction wearing a cheeky grin below his flashy blue eyes. “No way!”
“Not open for discussion. You both have good reasons to want Rhondo as much as I do, and I figure working together, sharing your files, you’ll get him. That’s all I care about.”
She’d never heard Cory use that tone with her before. Filtering the facts through her head faster than most, she knew at once that she didn’t have a hope in hell of losing this purse-carrying cowboy. Before the words ‘then I quit!’ could be uttered, Ham burst in, an unusual excitement billowing around him like an aura of static electricity.
“Hey boss, just got a call. A couple of rookies are shooting it out with a guy who sure sounds like Rhondo and a few of his friends. The young cops flagged his driver for speeding, and instead of pulling over the schmuck took off. They gave chase and ended up in the same con as before. They’re pinned down, trapped in that bloody underground lot.”
Before he’d finished, Aurora had her gun in the holster and her jacket halfway on. Twisted, it gave her trouble until she felt someone undo the sleeve and help her into it. “Thanks.” Grudgingly she remembered her manners.
“Hey, what are partners for?” He waved her to go first and took up the rear.
Cory unblocked the doorway. “I’m stuck here. Have a meeting with the mayor.” Frustration sounded in his voice. “You two go and get that son-of-a-bitch and play nice with each other. You hear?”
“Yes, boss!” In unison the words had more oomph, and as she passed Ham, Aurora caught the silly smirk he didn’t bother to hide.
“Quit grinning like an idiot and grab some of the others. That bastard’s not getting away this time. Not if I can help it.”
“Yes, ma’am.”

In The Ten Brides for Ten Heroes Cookbook, you'll find twenty recipes that go with the Ten Brides for Ten Heroes collection--two favorites provided by each of the authors. All are tied to the stories in the boxed set.
Some are for foods served at the wedding receptions depicted. Others are from meals the hero and heroine enjoyed or from their family's favorite recipes. Each dish--from appetizers through main dishes and desserts--is introduced by a little background on the story or characters. Here you'll find Mini Crab Cakes from Return of the Runaway Bride, Peanut Chicken from The Army Doctor's Wedding, Raspberry Streusel Muffins from Here Comes the Bride, and seventeen other tempting treats.
These recipes are the authors' gifts to our readers.  It's our pleasure to share a little more of what makes our writing meaningful to us. We hope you'll think of Ten Brides for Ten Heroes when you make these tasty dishes.


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