Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What a fabulous group to work with!! Ten Brides for Ten Heroes!! #tenbrides

One of our group posted the bios for all the women involved here on Goodreads....slightly intimidating for little ol' me....gulp!! But hugely proud-ful!!
Have you ever collaborated with a bunch of women (men) to bring together one perfect result?

I’m going through that experience right now and I must say - it’s been an eye opener, a learning experience and one I’d do again in a heartbeat!

I’ll admit to working with many of these gals in our Freepartay group and so when the idea of a ten-book collection first came up, I was happy to be involved. I knew and respected their work and thought it would be fun. We all went to our friends looking to add members and eventually we had the ten authors we hoped would be perfect….and we were right!

None of us is the same but we’re all bringing something to the table. Seems we all have talents in different areas of publishing that have been put to use throughout this endeavor. Remember, when you put out an Indie book all the formatting, book covers, promoting, editing, etc has to be dealt with by the author – in this case auth-ors. And it’s been a real learning experience. We’ve all worked together, adding something to make this Ten Brides for Ten Heroes box collection and cookbook a real success.

Some of us have a huge following of fans, are better known and have more acclaim. Others in our group work darn hard and will be on the top rung of the ladder in time – of that I have no doubt. Maybe with this book!! (Prayer-time - Now I lay me down to ….)

By setting up the pre-order buttons on Apple and Amazon, we hoped to get the word out early. So those who love wedding stories and would be thrilled to get ten under one cover would be assured they’d get the collection as soon as it was released.

For others, the release day is approaching and we’ve set ourselves up to burst out with a loud KABOOM!! Book tours, promo’s, facebook events – they’re all planned and will be shared with as many of you as we can reach.

And if you happen to see a post on facebook or twitter, here on my blog or one of the other author’s sites – please do me a huge favor and go share-zies as much as you can. Just like I would for you, my friends, just like I have for you!! XO

I’ll be inviting the Bride’s authors to Believe over the next while to introduce their novels and share their stories. These women will knock your socks off!!
Just sayin…


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