Monday, June 9, 2014

Cover Reveal - #ElvisPresley Book #2 in the Elvis Series - Love Me Tender

This is the day to reveal the new cover
for the latest book
in the Elvis Series.
Book #2 - Love Me Tender

Do you remember back in February when I had a "Make an Elvis song a book" contest? Well out of 426 entries, the winner of the contest was a lady by the name of Anne Pichette. The prize was simple. Whoever had their name chosen would have their favorite song be the title for the Elvis book #2 and Anne’s Elvis song was Love Me Tender.

The winner would also have the book dedicated to them and have one of the characters named after them. And my lovely heroine does have Anne’s name. Now, because Pichette had a French sound, I decided to use that fact by having my heroine live in Paris.

But then I had a quandary. I wanted the book to run along similar lines as the old Elvis movie by the same name. Therefore, I wanted to set the story in Texas. I overcame the problem by having Anne come to a ranch in Texas as an eighteen-year-old exchange student.

Of course, she has to find romance while there and so – surprise!!  The ranch where she stayed has a handsome son who loved the ladies almost as much as they loved him. I called him Clint Walsh.

If you remember, Clint was the same name that Elvis used in the movie. You know it’s kinda funny – by using that name, I kept seeing Elvis in the hero. Sure made it fun writing the book. I had such a crush on the guy. I’d swoon every time I heard him sing. And now... his music brings back great memories that mean so much. Youth, dancing, parties, necking....ahhh....and other stuff.....ahem!

Now that this book is finished, I guess I’ll have to organise another contest and think about Book #3.
Coming soon....



  1. Love the tender, gentle colours on your cover for this novel Mimi!
    The cover looks very romantic.
    Super job!

    1. Thanks Jodie! It's the book that's joining with nine others in the new Ten Brides for Ten Heroes Collection coming out this month and so I wanted it to be really romantic.

  2. Lovely cover! And the story sounds like a fun read!

    1. Thanks Jenny. There's a scene in the book that is just like the cover and so it seemed apt. :-)