Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New #spirit-travel book for the Vicarage Bench Series - Together Always by Mimi Barbour


I should tell you a story about this new book of mine. It goes back to when I was published with The Wild Rose Press. I had six books with them, all Vicarage Bench stories and when I decided to cancel my contracts and go Indie, I realized that they had first dibs on any story I wrote for that series.
Since I had started writing Together Always, I figured it would be close to two years before I would have all the rights back to my various books and so I just closed the book up, left it on my desktop and moved on to another manuscript.
Move forward to February of this year. I was driving with my husband on our yearly winter vacation to Arizona. I wasn’t working on anything just then and had decided that on the 4 driving days, I would check out the book Together Always and see if it was worth redeeming and maybe even finish it. (I’m one of those lucky people who can read, type and work on my computer while riding in a vehicle. I also have a husband who insists on doing all the driving. Works for me…!)

To my extreme surprise, (Thank You Lord!) when I opened it, I found that I had written 36,000 words and the plot was well set up. What I mean by that is - in some of my work, I leave threads hanging because I need to finish it and see what happens myself. I always have a fairly good idea of the ending, just not always the way I want the characters to get there.

But in this book, I had it well set up. When I began to read it over, the work seemed new to me because it had been two years since it had been opened. Thankfully, there weren’t too many revisions to make because I tend to write my first drafts pretty clean. Of course there’s always spelling stuff and my punctuation is atrocious. But I must say, I loved the characters and got caught right up. Found myself laughing at Mrs. Dorn’s antics and wiping away a few tears in the more emotional parts that involved the little guy, Sammy.

So…I can honestly say, if you’re a Vicarage Bench fan or even if this spirit-travel concept is all new to you, this book will brighten your day.

Okay - I'll admit it! I think it’s the best so far!

I’ll be looking forward to your reviews to see if I’m right.  
Back Page Blurb:

A new body, a new life…

Because of a facial disfigurement, Nurse Grace Joye has never felt beautiful, and when she’s told a brain tumor will end her life within a matter of weeks, she’s devastated. Grace’s friend, psychiatrist Dr. Robert Andrews has been experimenting with spirit travel. He suggests that Grace transfers her spirit to the body of his newest patient—Mrs. Vanessa Knight, a gorgeous-looking woman who is soon to be released from life-support. Grace doesn’t need much convincing to take this drastic step. She will live on and realize her two dreams: to be a mother, and be loved by a man. Only to hear her soon-to-be husband’s whispered words just before the life-support is switched off: “Good-bye, darling. I'm glad I’ll never have to see you again.”
Lucas Knight has been contentedly preparing for Vanessa’s death. Throughout their marriage, this volatile woman had become increasingly vicious towards him and their young son. Therefore, he’s appalled and traumatized when, miraculously, she comes out of her coma. Strangely, this girl isn’t anything like the witch he’d said goodbye to. He could love this gentle angel. But, can he trust her to stay this way?