Tuesday, April 8, 2014

London Book Fair #FreePartay - It's huge!! The fair and the partay!!

Together Again has always been a special book for me because it was the story that let me believe I could truly be a writer. You see, it was the first full-length novel I had written. After three novellas, I wasn’t sure if I could bring all that necessary plotting together in order to keep the reader fully engaged and loving the romance with double the pages.

The spirit-travel theme tends to give me many conflicts in itself – I mean – let’s face it – there’s a lot going on when you make one character invade the body of another and keep it realistic and believable. This isn’t something that happens to us so we can’t visualize what it all means. I had to come up with a premise that would work. And I truly believe I did.

Most of the reviews on the Vicarage Bench Series have been positive and that led me think that my ideas worked fine. Plus, I loved writing these stories and putting my hero and heroine in difficult situations where they couldn’t run away from each other easily.

If you’ve never tried one of the books, the magic starts when two people prick their fingers on a rose bush. The soul who invades the other’s body lies in a coma until the spell is broken. The concept seems truly mind-blowing but then I feel the same way about vampires and werewolves. At least my books are never dark and depressing, bloody or frightening. In fact, quite the opposite! Most of the reviews tell of how people laugh a lot while reading them. I sure did a lot of chuckling while writing them, so my aim succeeded.

The reason I’m sharing this with you today is because my lovely book, Together Again, is now in a huge promotion in the UK at the London Book Fair and will be seen by thousands of publishers, agents and editors throughout Europe and most likely North America. My goal is to find someone who loves this series and will be willing to publish these books so that many more readers will get to enjoy them.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. It’s exciting times.



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  2. Thanks for commenting, Rashida.