Friday, March 7, 2014

The Elvis "Make a Song a Book" contest is offically over & we have a WINNER!!!

Congratulations Anne Pichette!!

Love Me Tender was an extremely heartrending song that Elvis recorded and made into his first movie in 1956. Many young females, myself included, felt our first crush while listening to this voice singing the wonderful words and then seeing the movie.

I'm excited to announce that this will be the title for Book #2 in my Elvis Series. I'm so grateful that it's a wonderfully romantic song and I should be able to plot a lovely book. I will be keeping you updated on my blog as the creative juices flow.

I have a question that’s been eating away at me ever since I found out the title.

Should we keep to the tradition of a western-style story like the first Love Me Tender? Maybe set in 2014 in Texas? After all, I am planning a trip to San Antonio for the Romance Writers of America’s yearly convention. What better than to plot a book while enjoying their city. Hmmm? 

On the other hand, with the name of the winner sounding so French and having visited the beautiful city of Paris in the past, maybe the setting would work there also? I can visualize a fantastic love scene along the River Seine.

Or could I incorporate both these elements into one story?

As you can see, it's all in the plotting stage right now and therefore I’m up for suggestions. Let me know where you’d like the book to be set and I promise to take all your ideas into consideration.
p.s. just so you know how supportive you all were - we had 426 entries and Fresh Fiction only had 571 over the whole month. So yeah!!! We rocked !!!



  1. Oh this sounds like a neat series of books. Will any of them be set in the 1960's? I love the 60's. :)

    1. Debbie, I'm glad you like the 1960's because I have a treat for you. All the Vicarage Bench Books, the Anthology, Together Again and Together for Christmas and a new one called Together Always which I'm just finishing now are all placed in the 1960's and are spirit-travel romances that have gotten really wonderful reviews. Hope you can check them out - if you go to my website - see link on the right side panel - you'll be able to see the covers and read the blurbs. Look under
      "My Books!!" XO

  2. Nice Mimi! I think incorporating both some how would be a great twist!

  3. You know Drea, I'm beginning to think along those lines also. I think I'll check with the facebook crowd and see what they think :-)