Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Elvis reincarnated!! Truly - you have to see the video for yourself!

What a crazy coincidence.!!

Just at the time when I'm writing books about the King, I come across this wonderful young man from Canada who is amazingly like Elvis. The way he sings is fantastic. With your eyes closed, it's hard to tell the difference.

This teenage heartthrob, David Thibault, will soon be known by a lot of people and chances are, he won't know what hit him. I wish him all the very best with a career that will blossom overnight.

If you love the King and would like to have the next Elvis book in this series dedicated to you,
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Your book will look similar to the first book in the series called She's Not You!!


  1. He's amazing! The voice is incredible - but he doesn't have the hips. Not yet, anyway.

  2. I know. This young man could be such a star if he's handled in the right way and not just another Elvis Impersonator. I wish him all the best!!