Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Dirty Little Secret!!

When I first started writing, I was kinda hooked on Spider Solitaire. I'd spend hours trying to win every game and had tournaments with a friend to see who could win more times in a row.

Of course I assured myself that it was a good brain exercise and therefore I was allowed. Probably true. It made me happy to think so anyway. Therefore, I continued to give my brain a workout most days.

Then I began writing in earnest and my time for games was over. Good thing? Yes absolutely. The guilt for time wasting eased as I poured more and more hours into my work.

But – let’s face it. We’re only human. And we’re allowed. (Can you hear my justifications???) If a few minutes a day are wasted with brain exercises, it’ll only make the writing stronger.
Uh huh!

Besides, it’s at the very beginning of the day.
So that makes it better??

Ahhh!!! Most days during lunch.
When you should be resting!

And…  at night when the smart phone has been used to clean off the last of the day’s e-mails and twitter and facebook stuff.

Oh – KAYYY! So it’s fun!!

Now we’re talking!!


  1. Mimi-I have to tell you that I love Spider Solitaire so much, that I had to remove it from ALL of my electronics. I played non-stop for 42 hours, that was enough. :-)

  2. Wow!! You got me beat :-) I guess I don't have to go cold turkey but I will keep it to just a few times day - it's my treat for being a good girl and getting my work done LOL

    1. I'm still having withdrawal symptoms. :-)