Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meet Carmen Caine, author of The Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romance Series. @carmenromances

I want to give a warm welcome to Carmen Caine, a friend who has been a part of my local writing group and whose early success spurred me on.


Kirkus Reviews - "... a comforting read featuring a couple worth rooting for from their first dagger-point meeting." 
5 star review~ Fun, Witty, and a Good Read -  "I thoroughly enjoyed "The Daring Heart." It's fun, witty, and full of skullduggery in and around a Scottish James Bond. One of the things I particularly like is Ms. Caine's ability to write excellent dialogue. It is witty and flows instead of being forced to almost tortured. As I did with waiting for "The Bedeviled Heart" after reading "The Kindling Heart" and the waiting for this one, "The Daring Heart," I shall be impatiently waiting for the next one, "The Loyal Heart." No pressure intended, of course, Ms. Caine. :D"

Back Page Blurb:
(Scotland, 1482) - To the scandalous Lord Julian Gray, marriage is a malady and nothing more.

How can a man even court a lass longer than a fortnight when there are so many pouting lips to kiss?

Roaming the courts of Europe, Julian appears to spend his time drinking wine, wagering gold, and dandling willing lasses upon his knee. But no one knows the man behind the mask. No one knows that he is Le Marin--Europe's most daring and brazen spy.

But everything changes the night he finds a dagger pressed against his ribs and an alluring hazel-eyed minx in his bed.

Born into the Vindictam, the renowned Venetian family of assassins, Liselle dreams of the day she will be allowed to practice the family craft. And when she is sent to the Scottish court, her dream is finally realized. But is it an honor ... or a curse?

As the threat of civil war looms over Scotland, and the king's own brother conspires with the English to put himself on the Scottish throne, Julian can't help but be distracted by the mysterious Venetian beauty and her many secrets.

But will it be his undoing?

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