Monday, January 13, 2014

A Christmas story or a Contemporary Romance?? #ElvisPresley

I have a question that’s been in my mind for some time. A while ago, an author who I admire led me to believe that it was perfectly okay to change the cover on a book that was first brought out as a Christmas story.

Because of this advice, I went ahead and wrote my book, making sure that I wove the beauty of the holiday throughout to give the theme a richer feel.  But I knew that I had full intentions of making the changeover of the covers in January once Christmas sales had waned. It seemed to be a good merchandising idea.

Sometimes when a person sees a specific cover noting a special time of the year, they somehow equate the inner tale with the holiday and pass it by. I don’t feel that this book fits in these circumstances.

Now that the time has come, I’m questioning my decision.  

I know this switch won’t hurt my readers since #Amazon always alerts their buyers that they have previously bought a certain book. Therefore, if they get mixed up due to a different cover from a favorite author, Amazon will warn them.

Once that worry was cleared away, I tried to think if there were other principles that would be broken by this choice.   

Since the novel is basically a contemporary and based on the beautiful words of an old #Elvis song, and though Christmas is featured as part of the story, it isn’t the crucial reason for the romance. Knowing this, I’m able to relax over tricking a reader in this way. The two main characters falling in love is the true theme. If this book had been written at any other time of the year, it wouldn’t be very different. The settings might not have had the same lush descriptions of Christmas trees, ornaments and lights, but I feel that the reader only benefits from these wonderful scenes no matter what time of the year it’s being read.

So - it’s true that the holiday season does add to the rich fabric of "She’s Not You”  but then it really doesn’t matter to the goal, motivation and conflict for the characters which is what this story should be noted for.

-         A hero, who can’t let go of the young man’s crush on his first love.  

-         A woman, sick and alone with a three-year-old daughter depending on her strength.

-         A hunger that catches these two unaware and turns their worlds upside down.

-         And heartbreak that occurs when they don’t trust in these feelings.
These are the features that would make this romance a great read for anyone at any time no matter what cover it wears.

Do you agree? Do you disagree?  

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