Monday, December 2, 2013

Publishing a new book!

Publishing a new book is always an exciting time for an author. For me, it’s a feeling of accomplishment that I love. I guess I’ll have to admit that it gives me a sweet rush that’s become addictive.

Is it the knowledge that I’ve finished something I started that’s so pleasurable? Heck - I don’t know. Could it be the story that’s existed in my head now has a happy ending?


At least now I can move on. Make room for the other characters who’ve been driving me batty, impatiently waiting on the sidelines and madly waving at me from time to time.

It’s a strange kind of phenomena that occurs when I’m close to the end of a book. My mind starts sifting through all the many ideas that have hammered away for attention. Normally, I’ll let a thought take root and dwell on it until I either see potential or I decide it’s just not gonna work.

If it’s a fit, then anytime I have spare room in my brain (that's an oxymoron if I ever heard one :-)))) the concept begins to jell and refuses to be turned off. When I let myself become involved to where the plotting process naturally begins, I’m hooked.

That’s when the fun starts. A new group of people immerge and I create as many diabolical conflicts to torture them with that I can think of. Since I’m always weaving in romance and aiming them toward their happy ending, I never worry that a lot is too much.

I’m not sure how others begin the process of a new story but for me it usually starts with the heroine. Most times I can see her clearly. The hero follows soon after and he’s the one I’m more challenged to bring to life. The story floats around in the background such as whether it’s a suspense or contemporary, angel theme or spirit-travel. Then the lightbulb flashes and the plot appears.

Gol darnit I love those moments! It’s like being at the starting gate and the gun fires for the race to begin.

How does the process work for you?



  1. Mimi, I love how we all have different processes! Mine is opposite to yours. When I begin a new book, I can see the hero as if he's standing next to me. I know his behaviors, his wants and likes, his flaws. The heroine is another matter. Sometimes it takes until I've finished writing the book & doing revisions before I *truly* know her. :)

  2. Hi Mary, looks to me like you're a man's dream girl. Understanding them is hard enough in real life never mind getting them to behave between the pages of a book LOL

  3. LOL, Mimi! Real life guys are a whole different ballpark! But my book heroes, well...I can make them *exactly* as I like 'em. ;)

  4. Truer words were never written!! It's a way for us ladies to have control and it's sweet!! :-) If they try and give us a hard time well we can just ramp up the conflicts -make 'em suffer. Don'tcha just love this job??? :-)))

  5. Totally agree, Mimi! This job is The Best!! I can live and dream in worlds that have nothing to do with the one outside my office door. ;) Have a great weekend!