Friday, November 22, 2013

Does the age of a book matter in fiction today?


I read something on a blog the other day where there was a mention of the age of the book discussed. How once a book was over a year old, its value had diminished. And it got me to thinking whether it was a problem in today’s e-book market.


I decided after looking at the puzzle from all angles that it isn’t really as important as some people would believe. Of course this doesn’t include the traditional paperback and hardcover system where your publisher would give a novel a very short window of time to make its sales on the book shelves, and then pull it when the book didn’t sell very well.


Personally, I have a loaded bookcase at home with hundreds of books that I’ve gathered and kept because they were either presents or too good to give up – books to be re-read. Still to this day, I scour second-hand bookstores and flea markets looking for backlists from favorite authors. This bodes well for my hypothesis that people still love older books.


Today, on Amazon, E-bay and other sites, one can find books that years ago would be very difficult to buy. It’s so freakin great!


Now for e-books, it’s a whole different system. First of all your book is up there on Amazon to stay. Or until the author or publisher take it down which would probably only happen in the case of there being no sales.


From this point on, I can only make suppositions based on my own behaviour. When I look for a book, most times I either search for an author I already like or the same author of a book I just finished and loved.  I seldom look to see when it was published unless I think I may have already read the story. Otherwise, I will happily pay my money and enjoy my purchase.


The reason for my blog today is because of the book I'm now promoting in the Free Partay (see below). It’s called “Together for Christmas” and is a book first published by Wild Rose Press in 2011. Not that two years is any great age at all when it comes to e-books, but if we were thinking the old traditional way, it would have been off the bookshelves a long time ago unless it had been a best-seller. Even then, chances are it would only be in a small book store or… have a new cover.

Which is what Together for Christmas has! As soon as I had the rights returned to me, I slapped a new cover on it as fast as my artist could come up with one (and I might add - he did a fabulous job). Then I released it again under my own name.


It worries me some that a few people might have already bought the book and will not recognize it with its new face, but since it’s only for sale with Amazon, I know their wonderful return policy will cover any purchases that might fall into this category.


Since the book is written during the Vintage era, again I don’t worry that the contents might be outdated. The story is just as lovely today as it was when I created it. So, in my way of thinking, if a book was interesting and well-written years ago, it still is today.


Well some books….



99 cents for a limited time only!!!

Abbie Taylor has a thousand things to do before the big day, help the vicar with his needy families, organize the Christmas nativity, and spare time for a distraught baby at the orphanage who only settles when she’s near. Falling into a coma while her spirit resides inside a prickly, big-shot businessman doesn’t work for her at all… until she falls in love.

How could Marcus Chapman be so unlucky? First he’s saddled with his newly widowed mum, and the next thing he knows, he has an annoying spirit invader who’s instantly aware that he isn’t nearly as tough as he makes out. Between these two manipulating women, and the orphans Abbie forces him to visit, the poor man doesn’t stand a chance. The season is Christmas, and love is all around.

Praise for this book:

“Barbour spins a difficult story with ease. Her prose is smooth. Her characters rich and her plot fast paced. She delivers the well-deserved happily ever after ending perfectly.” ~ Reviewed by Jo-Ann Carson

“With all of the terrible things that are happening in this world, sometimes you just need a shot of happiness. I'm glad that Mimi realizes that this need exists and is able to create this happiness to share with us.” ~ Reviewed by Leandra Hanes


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