Thursday, November 14, 2013

Branding - Take it serious or not?

I didn’t at first. I thought it was just a lot of hype for us to spend even more money to sell our products. After all, what did it matter if at a glance people recognized me? Did it mean they’d rush off to purchase my books?

I’ve grown up over the last few years in the industry and I now realize that I was an idiot in my earlier thinking. Of course branding is important. It’s a reflection of the outer image you want to portray to the world.  And darn right it matters.

It matters that you attract people at a glance enough for them to follow through to get to browsing. And who knows where browsing can lead… hopefully to my beautiful new books page full of excerpts and buy links.

One of the things I always liked about my blog is that I felt comfortable there and hoped it made others feel the same. Like an easy chair that just fit. But those old Lazyboys can get pretty shabby over time.

So, with the help of a professional, all my pages are now sleek and slim, no more extraneous links, no more jumble left lying around because I didn’t know and didn’t take the time to learn how to clear it away…. I’m so ashamed, gulp!!

My old Vicarage Bench on my newsletter and website are gone to be replaced with the image I’ve chosen to be branded with. In my opinion, today it fits my writing perfectly. A bit of fun mixed with drama to evoke suspense and fantasy. 

So… if you are on the fence right now, wondering whether to take the leap to improvement, I have one piece of advice. Take your time. Make sure that the replacement is actually better. And if at all possible, think ahead to where you’d like to be in a few years. Brand yourself in such a way that those later decisions will fit into the choices you make today.  

Talking about making choices,
I have chosen to put my contemporary romance,
The Surrogate's Secret,
into the November 15th
Free Partay.

As you know, there are a lot of best-selling authors
who have books in this promotion,
so please check to see
if there's anything that interests you.
And while you're at it,
let your friends
know about these wonderful FREE books.

Back Page Blurb:
Her twins mean the world to surrogate mother, Sheri O’Connor. Since the donor parents were killed before their birth, she gladly takes on the responsibility to raise them herself. When their Chilean Uncle, Miguel Rivera, arrives unexpectedly to take them back to his country, she unravels and coldly informs him that isn’t going to happen. Because they’d used her eggs in the process, her claim supersedes anyone else’s. Never in a million years does she dream that the South American heartstopper wants her babies so much that he will force her to marry him by threatening to withhold the money she needs for an operation for her tiny son.

Miguel knows women aren’t to be trusted. After all, didn’t his devious fiancé give him up for dead and marry someone else while he spent months being held hostage in the jungles of Columbia? If his mother hadn’t brought a team to save him and end up getting shot during the rescue, he wouldn’t be alive. Therefore, if the only thing that can stop his Mamacita from succumbing to her wounds is to adopt his dead brother’s surrogate children, then he will do anything to see that happen. Even marry the ditzy blonde whose saving grace is her gorgeous body, beautiful face and her absolute devotion to her babies.


  1. Your page looks beautiful Mimi and I know what you mean by branding. When I first had my page done my son asked, 'so what do you want for a tag line'- Huh, I had no idea what he meant. Maybe Writer of Romance he said. 'OK, but I like mystery too.'

    I still have the tag line - Writer of Romance and Mystery - and if anything I think it works better now than it did then! But I'm sure if I spent more time on it my web page could be better.

  2. You are absolutely correct about your 'branding comments'. And you chose a perfect time to refine your web-site and blog. Congratulations!

  3. It's nice to know that you considered getting professional help in fixing your site. It's hard to improve your site so it really takes so much time to make the right developments. I believe, however, that your programmers made the process a lot easier, right? Hope you enjoy your improved site! :)

    Deborah Miller @

  4. Hi Deborah, You are so right!! I haven't the time, energy or know-how to do this kind of programming myself and professionals do. Thanks so much for the kind comment. Now, I love my site! xo