Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One of the most informative workshops of the ECWC - #Marie Force

Today I decided to write about one of the people who influenced me a lot at Seattle's ECWC Conference.

Her name is Marie Force and her handout says that she has self-published 18 original novels. A lovely young woman who is tremendously proud of her success, she seemed happy to pass on as much information as possible. Having hit the New York Times Best-seller list as an Indie Author, she answered all the questions the audience pelted her with and she didn’t hesitate to give out personal information – like the facts about the huge income she now enjoys.

I got the impression that she wanted to help those of us in the audience who were willing to listen and learn. As you know, many authors are stuck in the traditional mindset and that’s just fine. Most likely, they have grown up with certain rules, are happy in their worlds and cling to those outdated times. She wasn't. Marie proved there is a new frontier for her and anyone willing to take chances. And she took that dissatisfaction to the RWA board and fought against the Rita contest guidelines so that we would be allowed to enter our Indie work. Thumbs up for her spirit and the courage it must have taken to face down the wall of disapproval and rejection.

Beside myself, there were others willing to admit that changes have happened, are stil happening and they wanted to get on board. Being that I am an eager learner, I sucked in everything she advised. Some things I’m on the fence about but most I agreed with one-hundred percent.

Asked what the best promotion is that an author can do, she answered unequivocally. It’s your next book and the one after that. She believes that part of her success is the fact that she writes seven (you heard right) – seven full-length books a year.  Well honey, that ain’t gonna happen with this author!  I guess I can get away with a possible five or six if I throw a few novellas into the mix but anything more and the psych ward at the local hospital would have a new patient.

Marie also spoke at length about writing a clean first draft. Since this is something I feel is important, and as you know, have expounded upon, it was nice to hear a lucrative writer who has the same opinion. Of course, in her quick turnover world, Marie doesn’t have time for rewrites and layering revisions.  Funny thing is - she told the audience the more she'd followed this method the easier it has become… ahhh…yeah!  Train the brain!

The handout she passed around was also invaluable, full of pertinent information about the steps in publishing a professional looking manuscript. Steps that include how to format your work properly.  I’ve listed her website below and I have no doubt if you wrote to her, she’d send you a copy also. If you go there make sure and check the Formatting Fairies page. And if you happen to be looking for services such as editing, formatting or book covers you might find this is the place for you.

Another thing I found out through this workshop was that, unlike months ago, authors can upload direct to Kobo and Apple rather than having to use Smashwords only. **A quick footnote I must add - to upload to Apple, you do need a Mac computer but then again, if you don’t know anyone who can help you, Formatting Fairie's charges are not that high.
Before I finish this post, I wanted to also add a link she passed on for a yahoo group called Self Publishing Info Swap. I've just joined and I have no doubt that a person will pick up loads of great information there about all matters pertaining to the route many of us are taking as today's Indie Authors.


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