Thursday, October 3, 2013

Okay - do new covers really matter?? See mine!!

I decided to ask Steven Novak, my brilliant cover artist to do up a new cover for my Christmas book called "Together for Christmas". Since I was getting the rights back from the Wild Rose Press soon, I would need to have something ready for its re-release as an Indie book.


When I started to write the request, it dawned on me that to keep within our branding, he would have to work something close to what he had done for me in May 2013 for the book released then called "Together Again". Both books are a part of the Vicarage Bench series and since the first three novellas had already set precedence in the whole branding theme, we would have to somewhat follow these guidelines. (See those covers on the bottom left.)



As you can see, he’d stuck with the blue color and the same font and then came up with a new look for the rose. I accepted the cover because it looked fine and the Vicarage window in the background seemed to fit. Truthfully though, it hadn’t quite resonated with me - nor did it with the readers. Even though I knew it to be a wonderful, spirit-travel story full of poignant romance with humor thrown in to make it fun, the book didn’t sell well.


So… I decided to ask him to make a new cover for this book first before we tackled the one for the Christmas book. Was I ever glad that I did? Not only did he come up with a fantastic new look, it will work well for all the rest of the Together – Vicarage Books. Every time I look at it, I swoon. Told you before – the man’s a freakin genius!!!



What do you think? Better or not??


  1. Good, Better, BEST is the only way to describe this cover. Practice makes perfect is a truism in most cases, and certainly PERFECTLY TRUE in this one. Congrats to you both!

  2. Thanks Flo. I felt the same way.

  3. Yes, it's gorgeous and eye-catching for sure. I really like it!