Monday, October 7, 2013

Meet the irresistible, loveable author of the "Grammy's Gang" books - Flo Barnett

Today, it's my pleasure to welcome the author of the "Grammy's Gang" books, Flo Barnett. She's a wonderful, warm-hearted individual who so obviously cares about children that she's gone and done something about it. Entertaining the youngsters is so very important today - the right type of entertainment. And the Grammy's books are sooo right - modern and delightful.
When I retired in 2000 I was “grandchildless.”  Then, miracle of  miracles, my daughter sent me a beautiful flower arrangement with a small note attached.  It read, “I can’t wait to meet you.  See you in January.  Lots of Love, your first grandchild.  P.S. Do Not Tell Anyone Yet!”  Needless to say, I, along with my hubby, were walking on air!
Shortly afterwards, it donned on me that I wanted to leave this baby, as well as any others that would hopefully follow, a meaningful legacy he or she would treasure forever. Since I’d always fancied myself somewhat of a decent storyteller, I decided I would write something that spoke to what it was that made him or her unique.
Fast-forward to 2013.  I now have seven grandchildren, six of which are boys and one gorgeous princess girl. The legacy I envisioned for each one of them has expanded exponentially into the “Grammy’s Gang” series. 


My newest entry, “When Grammy Goes Away,” is book number six in the series.  The dedication reads, “For my totally awesome, first-born grandchild, Brady. You are my beginning, my now, my always and forever!”
Each book in the series attempts to address a significant life experience in an age-appropriate, light-hearted manner.  There is a ton of humor in every one of them.
“When Grammy Goes Away” deals with the subject of losing a loved one.  Young children operate on a concrete level;  their questions concern things like where is that person now?, what do they eat there?, what will they see and do?, etc.
In the book, the stages of grief that everyone, no matter their age, experiences when they suffer loss are addressed.  On a personal note, I lost my dad when I was only three years old.  In those days, adults didn’t explain death or try to understand what a small child could possibly be feeling. It’s not that they didn’t care, they just didn’t know.
In “When Grammy Goes Away,” the mother tries to help her child see that death isn’t the end of his relationship with his beloved Grammy.  He can recall the wonderful times they shared and know Grammy will “always and forever” be in his mind and heart.
And, yes, even though the seriousness of a loved one’s passing is the focus in this story, there is a ton of humor, too!

Thanks, Mimi, for giving me the opportunity to speak about my “Grammy’s Gang” series.  I’m very proud of these books especially because I’m so darn proud of each and everyone of my “Gang!” I’d love to hear from your blogger buddies.  I can be reached on Twitter @FloBarnett1 or on my blog:

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  1. What a loving gesture to leave books for your grandchildren! They must think you are very special indeed.

  2. I love these books. I buy them for all my friends that have young children.

  3. I know that Flo is happy for all the support coming her way. I've also read her books and wish I had grandchildren so I could share the fun with day!!