Friday, October 11, 2013

Little White Magic - a wonderful new release by Jodie Esch!


Today is a huge treat for me because I have a very good writing pal of mine visiting BELIEVE!. She has sucessfully released three books in a very short time - LITTLE WHITE MAGIC -being the third. Finally, she has taken time out to breathe.


The Story Behind the Story –Little WhiteMagic


I’m pleased to present Book #3 in The Girlfriends Series –Little White Magic. Teens, trouble and a touch of the Tarot.


Rachel and her best friend Steph are spending the summer as junior counselors working at a camp in Vermont. But Rachel’s on a mission.

What’s a girl supposed to do when she needs a new boyfriend? Enlist the help of a tarot reader, trust the cards and embrace the journey. Spiral into an adventure filled with startling revelations, where nothing is as it appears – and a mysterious, scarred young man’s talents seem almost magical.


The Backstory


A few years ago, I was traveling in Arizona and discovered a number of articles in a local newspaper that highlighted the recovery of Stephanie Nielson. She had survived a horrifying plane crash, but with burns that covered 80% of her body. 


Her reflections and journey to regain her life were earth shattering. I was haunted by her courage and belief. I knew that I’d stumbled across a very powerful piece of writing. Her words affected me deeply. She clutched onto life with the support of her faith and her family.


I saved the newspaper clippings and went onwards with my life. Even though I’m a paper hoarder, I unfortunately misplaced that file. But the idea of writing about a burn survivor was trapped in my brain, so I began to create my Young adult novel, Little White Magic.


A week ago, I visited Laura Langston’s blog, a fellow author, and low and behold, there was my lost story. Ms. Neilson had turned her articles into a memoir and published them under the title Heaven is Here: An Incredible Story of Hope, Triumph and Everyday Joy. I was pleased that I’d located her writing because I could revisit her touching words.


I realized that in Little White Magic my heroine Rachel would be the perfect person to reach out to my hero Dylan as he copes with his unspeakable tragedy.


One never knows where one can find inspiration for writing a novel.


I hope you enjoy this latest installment of the on-going adventures of best friends Rachel and Steph.


Thanks so much to Mimi for being ‘the hostess with the most-ess’.



Chapter 1


Normally I love a Tarot card reading, but today something is wrong, wrong, wrong. Madame Ariana’s azure eyes skewer me like a laser.
I shrink back in my chair. “What do you see?”

In the silence, her silver bracelets jingle as she places twenty-two cards in a circle, her long fingers caressing each one. I know what she’s doing—the Soul Mate spread. I’ve studied the cards throughout my senior year. She points to the card in the middle.

“The King of Wands,” she says in an ominous tone.

“What does that mean?”

She spins one of her five rings slowly with her left thumb. I stare at the largest ring, the one with the dragon. My stomach plummets. I’ve always hated dragons. There’s something about the blood-red eyes that is beyond scary. I make an effort to refocus.

“Does that card represent the past?”

“Be patient, Rachel. The cards will let you know.”

I’m here to find out if Channing really loves me or if this is just a summer romance. I guess I’m nervous because he’s my very first real boyfriend. I’m not counting my neighbor last year who I thought might be interested in me. Channing could have any girl in Camp Winnoski. Every day I wonder why he chose me.

The neglected cottage has thick purple curtains and black walls. Three plump crystals dangle from glossy beaded strings in the window. Good. Three is my lucky number. A dusty stench thickens the air. Even though it’s late in the afternoon, it’s so dark outside it feels like midnight. Another summer storm is brewing.

Madame Ariana talks about the past. But I don’t want to think about my mom abandoning me, dad always working, changing schools. Not today. I want her to tell me about Channing. About the future.

“You are ready for a deeper connection with your soul mate. But I see confusion and conflicts. The King of Wands will be your mentor. He will inspire you. In time, harmony will rule.” She leans across the scarred pine table and whispers, “You will be two jewels polishing each other’s rough edges.”

That sounds cool, but …




  1. Love the excerpt for you latest book, Jodie! Have downloaded it and I'm eager to read it. If it's anything like your first two books, I'm sure I will enjoy it very much. Congrats on releasing 3 books in such a short time!

  2. Major thanks Jacqui! This journey has been exciting, that's for sure.