Friday, October 18, 2013

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Read all about it!!


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Read all about it!!!

I've released my newest book called Let it Ride, book #6 in the Vegas Series. I also  have it being promoted in a Freepartay (below). Hopefully, I've let the world know through facebook, twitter and my newsletter that’s it is now LIVE on Amazon!!!

Here’s the back page narrative:

Lisa never breaks promises. 

So when her partner, Aurora, makes Lisa vow to find out who’s kidnapped casino owner Jeff Waters and save him from being hurt, she agrees.  No one knows that he’s burrowed a path into Lisa’s soft heart after their illicit night in his luxurious penthouse apartment.  Just imagining him being in danger is enough to terrify the Las Vegas detective into taking chances she wouldn’t normally now that she’s responsible for her precocious three-year-old nephew.

Jeff hates knowing that the one person who comes to his rescue is the only woman he’s ever wanted to marry, a woman he should be protecting—not the other way around. The fact that his family’s history put her in danger is driving him crazy. As crazy as the two killers who want him dead… but only after they get their ransom and bed the gorgeous, long-legged exotic dancer they haven’t yet realized is only there to save their captive.

***Just so you know, I really wanted to make this book the best in the series so I could end it on a high note.  But it’s difficult to tie off the ends accumulated in five other books. I think I accomplished what I wanted to do. There’s a lot of fast-paced action, some emotional scenes that’ll rip through your defences and make you sniffle, romance to satisfy the romantics and two heroines who are my favorite characters so far.

"Let it Ride" A short Excerpt:

“I know how to get to Jeff. I purposely left their balcony door ajar, and as long as no one has closed it, I can get into the room again.”

Kai’s voice iced with anger. “Over the balcony? Are you stark-raving mad? We’re on the twenty-sixth floor, Sunshine.”

Lisa made sure that she looked confident even if nausea emerged from just the thought of her intentions. “I checked. The balconies are not that far apart and there’s an overhang, plus a ledge. I can make it. No problem.”

“Not gonna happen!” Kai was adamant. “Too dangerous. If they catch you this time, they’ll peg you for a cop.”

“Not if I’m still in this stupid costume. Look, I left behind my diamond earring, well it’s a rather large Cubic Zirconia, but they’ll never know. I’ll just say I discovered it missing when they pushed everyone else out, so I hid in their guest bathroom near the entrance until they went to bed. Then I made my way to the other bathroom where I’d been sick because I was sure I’d lost it in that room. And it is there, so they’ll believe me.”

Aurora stared at her with searching bewilderment that slowly turned into an approving grin. “That’s what you were doing when you stopped behind me. You always intended to go back.”

“Yep! I’m not leaving him there for them to torture any longer than necessary.”

“Get ready. I’ll help you.”

“Au-ro-ra!” Kai headed in her direction, intentions of strangulation clearly on his unhappy face.

“Dammit Kai, I’d do it for you and her legs are a hell of a lot longer than mine.”

Ham interrupted while pointing at the monitor. “Better go now, darlin’. Check who’s heading up the hallway… and does he ever look pissed!”





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