Thursday, September 26, 2013

What YOU want in a Heroine!!

Okay my friends, this was a tough one.


When I asked you what you wanted to see in a hero, it was pretty easy to see that you ladies were looking for a protective, compassionate, strong man with a sense of humor.


Turns out that you expect a lot more from your heroine. I found it a bit strange that you desired a man who would be protective and yet most of you thought a heroine should be strong, able to take care of herself, not a whiner and feisty to boot.


I really appreciated the one answer from a man who said this: Tough, quick wit, and playing for keeps. Seems even the men don’t want a wimpy lady to woo.



Here’s the list I came up with from your comments.


A good heroine should be:


Able to look after herself / relies on self for own happiness  (2)


Strong  / Tough  (3)


Kind  (4)


Empathetic  (2)


Good sense of humor  (3)


Have common sense  (2)


Be able to face her weaknesses  (3)


Hard worker


Compassionate  (2)


Not a whiner  (2)


No need to emasculate her man




Honest with herself


Try to do the right things






Assertive  (2)


Doesn’t worry what others think of her






Sharp wit with a sharp tongue


Witty  (2)


Plays for keeps


Not afraid to ask for help


Not perfect / have issues and baggage to be realistic



The consensus seems to be that we want heroines that are kind, but tough and with a good sense of humor. They must have weaknesses so they can face and overcome them. And this journey must be carried out with wit and a feisty personality.


I was surprised and I guess kinda pleased that, not once, did any of the commenters stress a heroine had to be beautiful. Yet we all go to great lengths to give our girls lovely, well-described eyes, flowing locks, sparkling white teeth, plump lips and a body maybe the author herself yearns for.  Okay, I’m guilty!


For me, I see the hero and heroine in my story as personalities way before I see the actual person so I guess even without my knowing it, I’ve instinctively decided on what’s important and what isn’t. Then I plead guilty to adding their looks and bodies which I think should match the people I’ve created and – yep – they're usually well-formed and good-looking.


Obviously, by your own comments, looks are a minor part of a character’s attributes and not as important as we may think to the reader. I’ll keep that in mind when I write my next book. However, I’m not saying I’ll go so far as creating someone who’s dirt-ugly because in truth, no one is born without some positive features, right? But it might be fun to assist a girl to find her best features…. Oh wait! I already did that with help from a Cheeky Angel!! (did you see how I snuck in my title there… hehehe!)



It would be interesting to know how you create your character. First their looks – or their personalities???


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