Sunday, September 29, 2013

Setting goals is a necessary pain in the backside! Yes/No?

Perusing a workshop on setting goals just recently had me wondering how others handle this kind of thing.

As for me, I keep a faint outline in my head of the work I want to have done by a certain time. I never set it to an actual date… anymore. Say like putting out a specific release date. I tried that once and it didn’t turn out so well. The universe just seems to have a way to screw up those efforts with some unforeseen calamity.

Once that lesson became firmly embedded in my rather thick brain, I’ve become ultra careful never to stick myself in that position again.

I do admit to having a week that I work toward. Somehow, that doesn’t seem so frightening and final to me. I know, I’m just hedging my bets but it sure takes off the pressure—until that last day appears and then… oh-oh!

I also have a pretty good idea of what I need to accomplish each day. If I’m in writing mode, then I go into my office with full intentions of writing those first few hours in the morning and leaving everything until later. Unfortunately, the best laid plans blah, blah don’t always work out. But I am pretty strict about my word count and tend to force myself to get busy. If I have to make up time in the evening and even into the late or early hours it’ll happen. I’ve been known to look like a train-wreck victim more than once after a marathon of writing.

I also set up certain commitments that need to be dealt with each week. This is where I tend to be better. My days might not always work out the way I expect, but somehow by the end of the week, most of the work does get done. Of course, not everyone is in the same position. Many of you have more time than others. But then your goals will be reasonable and based on those criteria.

Promotion uses up a lot of my hours and energy. Setting up books is much more work when you have eighteen to deal with. Therefore, I tend to promote one at a time, and with the Partays, I find it always gives a boost to the others in my back list. Don’t know about you, but for some reason I find that time flies out the window when I concentrate on this part of the business.

I also take on a lot of tasks that I probably should leave alone, time wasters that I can’t seem to stop. I’ve been getting better through necessity. Like staying off the loops and restricting my facebook and twitter time. Not perfect by a long shot, but what’s a girl to do? Social media has become a very enjoyable way of life now. It’s not just about getting known but having friends that I care about.

What about you? How do you handle your goals? Do you make them and stick to them? Go ahead - brag! I can take it :-)



  1. Oh yes. I do set goals. Sometimes they are too lofty and not quite achievable. However, I've reached out to others who have more skills than me in certain areas and I've been able to acquire more momemtum. I guess I've discovered that even though writing can be solitary in terms of getting the story down on the page, many other aspects can be very social.

  2. Reaching out is good! That's how many of us succeed and then hope to pass on the kindness xo

  3. I used to be a strict goals setter. Then I retired! And I was set free from time constraints, scheduling demands, weekly and monthly meeting obligations, etc. It feels absolutely glorious to be able to do what I want when I want for as long or as little as I want.

    Having declared my newly-found independence and relish it daily, I do however make an exception in regards to my writing. I reserve Monday and Tuesday mornings for writing and Thursday and Friday afternoons for contact with my illustrator. Through the week I'm busy with many types of marketing in order to keep the Book World from forgetting me. Since there are millions of writers along with millions of those yet to come, keeping "Grammy's Gang" out there takes constant effort.

    And as you say, Mimi, "Reaching out is good!" While concentrating on your own works, you can meet wonderful people who have similar aspirations. That's how we met and I am so happy that we did!

  4. Hi Flo, You do have a great attitude about the life as a writer and I totally agree with you about setting aside certain days. My problem is that I get caught up and can't put things down until they're done. I'm a bit of a workaholic - but it's because I love the work and for no other reason. So it becomes a labor of love and enjoyment. Not complaining!!