Monday, September 9, 2013

It's Celebration Time!!

I did it!!
Finished the book…


“Let it Ride” is in the can…. That’s film talk for it’s done… finito.


Wrote the last paragraph—which made me laugh out loud—about three hours ago and then headed straight for the wine bottle, chilling in the fridge.


It’s celebration time!!!


I mean, not only did I finish this particular story, but this was the final book in the Vegas Series. When I’d first planned to end the series with this last novel, I felt relief. That continued until I began to write it. Once I got involved with those characters again, I was hooked. They’re like a family to me now.


Not only do I understand their motivations, what makes them tick, I know how to push their buttons and to get them performing at their best.


Being a woman, I guess I fell harder for the heroes. First Kai—the bald-headed, cheeky, blue-eyed hotshot who had me in the palm of his hand every time I put his name on the page. He really turned my crank as much as he affected my ornery heroine Aurora. They made such a wonderful couple.


But… since I had to move on, Lisa showed up and she was wonderful fun. A curly-headed chatterbox who liked to pull Aurora’s chain about her love life. That is until her own man appeared on the scene. Jeff Waters came to me as smoothly as he lived his life. Delicious—think man-candy, and who doesn’t like sweets when it comes to the male species. I could visualize him as the good-looking devil who had everything going for him. Except the woman he wanted—wanted nothing to do with him. Serves him right for being so dam perfect!


Okay, I took pity on him, on them all. And as the book progressed so did my sadness at having to say good-bye. But… the sadness is filtered with satisfaction at having written six books and knowing they were popular and appreciated by my readers.


Plus, I did leave the golden thread I wrote about yesterday. There will be another book with at least two of these characters re-appearing. A new series? Hummm….I wonder?


  1. FANTASTIC MIMI. You should make this day very, very special. Major congratulations on this series.

  2. Thanks Jodie. It was a rush...a very satisfying one :-)

  3. Congrats on finishing ANOTHER book, Mimi! And great teaser about your new series. Can't wait to hear about it!

  4. Thanks Jacqui...I just realized after I turned the lights out last night that I needed to add one more chapter. There I lay, 2 am, plotting. Arggghhhrrr....Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with this career!!