Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Perfect Hero!!


A while ago I asked my friends on facebook what attributes they thought made a man into a hero.


This was the list I received:



Strong - takes charge

Strong - but kind

Kinda like an Alpha Male


Compassionate - but still takes charge.

One who can laugh at himself but not at others


A man not a male

Honesty, a man with integrity

Empathetic (Compassionate)

Active and purposeful

Fantastic sense of humour

Honest and trustworthy

A tease with a sense of humour, but not to the expense of others.

Loves animals, and children


Ruggedly handsome, with a beard, and just-out-of-the-bed hair

Tall and strong. (Blonde)

Respectful towards women


Has a sense of humor

Naughty - but nice

Once I’d compiled the list, I saw that a man being strong and protective was a huge point in a woman’s favor. It surprised me because in today’s world, women seem to be so self-sufficient. Of course, many have no choice.

It’s kinda nice though to think that we ladies still appreciate a man who can make us feel that we have someone to lean on. As much as I like a guy with a good sense of humor, I do admit that I still expect him to be “the man”.

So - when I write my heroes from now on, I’ll be checking this list and choosing which special traits he’ll have. And because I like to start off with a flawed hero most times, he might just have to hide these qualities at the begining of the story. It's good to torture characters...right? RIGHT??
Next list I will ask them to fill in is the heroine’s. We need someone special for this guy…  



  1. Wow! This would be a very special guy! Nice to have such great ideas from your readers.

  2. I had my perfect hero for 36 years! He treated me like a queen and was very thoughtful, supportive, loving and has an amazing sense of humor which always made my day! I lost him to the dreaded cancer in 2001! These have been rough 12 years, but I have such wonderful memories! Thanks for writing about such wonderful heros!