Friday, August 30, 2013

Proofreading - a job that demands recompense – Yes??

Through my travels in the world of publishing and being an author, I’ve come across some wonderful people. One that I wanted to mention today is Leandra Hanes.

I first met her through, Lorhainne Eckhart, writer and friend who sent me an e-mail saying that Leandra wanted to be a Proof-reader for any author who would be willing to send her a free copy of a book. Seems she loves stories, reads quickly and, as many others, couldn’t afford to be buying all the books it took to satisfy her craving.

Well most authors I know either have a Beta Reader, a family member or a friend who will help out in this way. But I didn’t. So… I wrote to Leandra and asked if she would be willing to read one of my books – The Surrogate’s Secret.

Well, she was delighted and I happily gifted the book to her from Amazon. Within the second day she sent me lists of revisions she had found that needed to be attended to. Knowing we’d (my three read-throughs and my two editors) edited the book well, my first reaction was – COME ON!! That was until I checked them out. Darned if this woman hadn’t found all kinds of legitimate corrections that I quickly fixed.

Now - I don’t know about you. But when someone has this type of ability, I want her working for me. So – just to be sure the first book wasn’t a fluke, I started her reading The Vegas Series – book one “Partners”. This book had been edited as well as I thought Surrogate Secret had been, so again, I wasn’t expecting too many errors.  

Since it’s a short story, there weren’t many. But there were a few and so were there in the books to follow. She’s read all of my work to date.  I quickly offered this amazing woman $10 for each full-length book and $5 for each short book she read for me and happily paid her as each book’s corrections were sent in.

I’ve always believed in paying people for their efforts on my behalf – even if it’s not as much as she might deserve. I never asked for her qualifications, didn’t seem important.  She did me a service and needed to be rewarded. Free books be dammed! Leandra is worth every penny and more. She’ll be reading all my books from now on.

***If any of you have a need for the services of a wonderful Proof-reader, her e-mail address is



  1. I'm an editor, and proofreading is part of what I do. I think it's great that you've added that level of editing to your books. :o)

  2. Tell you the truth Michelle, until I met Leandra I wouldn't have thought it necessary. Now, I won't put a book out there util she's given it the all clear :-)