Monday, August 19, 2013

Adapt and quickly learn new methods! #amwriting #socialmedia


In other words, don’t get too comfortable with one way of doing things. Everything is always changing - except my memory. That’s having a hell of a time just keeping up with what previously took me so long to learn.

Take Facebook. (Tempted as I am to be corny and say “please” I won’t.) Seriously, that page drives me nutty. No sooner do I get it figured out that it’s all twisted again. I know their changes make sense, maybe, but it sure is difficult to keep up. In order to stay on top of the game you must. Facebook friends are the ones who want to know what’s happening in your life because you've made it a point to care about theirs. It’s an interactive platform and can be one of your best promotional tools if you remember that you’re expected to be an ordinary person there and not just an author.

I don’t know how many of you belong to Triberr. I love Triberr. It’s a place where we all meet to send traffic to each other’s blogs using our twitter capacity. For instance, I have over 7,000 followers (yessss!!!) and so every time I go into Triberr and share someone’s blog; it goes out to all my followers. Of course, the ideal is that everyone else shares my blogs and their followers get exposed to my postings. At this time, I’m on 10 different tribes and end up with… let’s say 250 Triberr members. It’s true they don’t all share all the time but if they do, I have the potential to reach over a million viewers. It’s a brilliant concept. The only drawback is site owner, Dino Dogan, is constantly updating Triberr to be the best it can be. Which is good – right? Well sure. Except we are always under repairs and having to learn new methods. Is it worth the energy? You bet your sweet patootie it is! I have a lot more traffic to my blog because of the exposure and have made a lot of new friends and contacts in the blogging world I might have missed. (I also have a tribe myself called Blog with Mi! and there's room for more members so if you're interested, e-mail me at

I love the word adapt. I always thought it meant to evolve. Then I looked it up and surprise! Adapting means to adjust, change, modify, to bend. So I checked the word evolve and decided I liked it much better because it means to grow, advance, develop. And that’s the way I think of myself and my path over these last trying years working to attain some success. It forces me to keep up with the new trends of today and not be mired in old rules.

Hey – look at it this way. It keeps the brain active and like everything else you take on – it’s only hard until you know what you’re doing! Funny thing is, the more times I force myself to learn new methods, the easier the learning gets and the less likely I am to hesitate and procrastinate.

Bet you all know what I mean??? J

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