Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Social Media - Time suck or time well spent?

Other than the fact that I’ve met a lot of new people and many have become what I consider my friends today, I’d say working Social Media is a bit of both – a time suck and time well spent.

Back when I first started writing, there were many sites I wasted a lot of my precious hours and energy getting involved in. I set up more profiles than I want to remember, uploaded my book covers nonstop and visited multi forums that ended up getting me nowhere. At the time, I convinced myself that the more exposure I got, the more books I’d sell. It made sense to me then, and just maybe, a few years back, it did help some of the authors.

Just as it does today!

It’s still important to become known to as many readers as possible. I guess it’s just the way you chose to do so that matters.

If you don’t already, please follow me on facebook. I have a Mimi Barbour fan page that desperately needs likes. See how easy begging can be? (I’m so ashamed!)

It’s probably true that the public is getting rather sick and tired of people trying to sell them some kind of product. I know I am. It’s to the point that if you happen to run your mouse over a highlighted word anywhere on the net, some crazy advertisement pops out to smack you in the face. What’s up with that??

On the other hand, if you do have a product that you know in your heart some folks would really enjoy, something that’s taken you a long time to create; then what’s a person to do? How can people buy it if they don’t know it exists?

In comes social media and out goes scruples about putting yourself forward – about not waving a hand to say YAHOO!! I mean what’s an Indie author to do? There are no stores with your books on the shelves waiting for the browser to wander along and get inspired by the fabulous cover. Without people aware of his/her book, there’s no sales – no earnings – and no blasted career.

And the world loses out on some wonderful books. (And yeah – I’m talking about mine…..gulp!)

More about social media next blog – there’s so much to say on this subject isn’t there? I’d love to know - what form of social media is your favorite?




  1. I agree, it's both, I get engrossed in social media sites when I should be creating.

  2. Yep - me too! It's insiduous and I do believe a devil must instigate many of those sites because the pull is so strong to check out just one more thing.....grrr!!

  3. LOL, Mimi, sounds like you have the same Love/Hate relationship with Social Media that I do.