Friday, July 19, 2013

Social Media Fantasies! #amwriting #socialmedia


When I wrote my first novel, the need to promote it myself never entered into my expectations.

Not once!

That was a job for someone else. Someone with the education and knowledge needed to circumvent the web of social media madness. Certainly, any publisher I would contract with would have that part of the process covered. The thought that I would eventually take on the challenge myself, and even like it, was unthinkable.

Not today! Today it’s all part of my job. A huge part! In fact, I get so immersed in all the promotional chores that fill up my day to where I don’t believe that time can fly by so quickly. They’re never-ending, time-consuming, frustrating and more challenging than anything else I’ve ever tackled. Plus, the competition is fierce. As an author, I can tell you that our arena is filled to the brim with more new products being made available every day. And, let’s face it; we’re all after the same buck.  


From the beginning of my career in 2007, I’ve gained an unbelievable amount of proficiency in these ever-changing promotional sites and found, mostly by trial and error, capabilities and the information that makes life a lot easier. Heck, nowadays, I hardly ever lose it, swear, chaw at my nails, bang my head on my desk…. My problem is virtually a lack of time. Like all authors, my job is to write books. It's what I do... excuse me... what I'm supposed to do.

Since social media has been on my mind lately, I did some research as to what it would take to have a career in Public Relations. Not surprising, I found that the bachelor degree was popular and anyone going to college to gain these skills could help themselves and gain experience by trying for a student job or internship with a company they might want to work with later. Or they could volunteer in order to learn the culture they would earn a living from once they graduate. (Hey, if any student interested in volunteer work is reading this blog and would like to learn how to promote books and build an author brand my e-mail is J Just sayin’… )

With all the different Social Media options today, and more constantly coming on board, most companies have no choice but to add these qualified people to their staff. Public Relations, especially online, has taken on a huge prominence and is constantly shifting and altering. So, you tell me, how can an amateur ever expect to keep up?

(More on Public Relations next blog,)

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