Friday, July 5, 2013

Please meet a wonderful Y.A. author who used to be a "Elementary School" principal, Jodie Esch!!

I love the fact that my friend Jodie was a Elementary School principal for years and has used her exceptional knowledge of how young people behave in her wonderful new YA Girlfriend Series. Her books have been created from a background that understands how troubled teens think and it’s that very awareness which has seeped into her stories to lift them out of the ordinary.

p.s. I know Jodie has many funny sand interesting stories to share about her time as the ahhh... "Boss Lady" so I'm going to try and persude her to return in the next day or so and share with us :-) 

Mimi’s Blog is named Believe!. And in my second Young Adult novel, the heroine Stephanie Baxter has a difficult time believing in herself.

From the outside looking in, she appears to have it all. Perfect looks, perfect grades and a perfect life. However her life is a charade and the person she presents to the world is not how she really is deep inside. She’s like an actor playing a part.

High school is challenging for most students and when someone has confidence issues it can be especially difficult. Steph though discovers the true meaning of friendship as she has to lean on and trust her best friend Rachel.

I hope that you will enjoy this story about two friends who confront a very complex problem and learn to believe in each other.

Thanks Mimi for having me drop by.
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  2. Jodie, I enjoyed the first book in the series and am looking forward to reading the second.

  3. Jodie, I agree with Susan and Anna: I enjoyed your first book and I'm looking forward to reading the second; and what a great cover! I love how you make your characters feel alive. It's as if I've been transported back to my teenage years, and I'm Steph and Rachel's friend.

  4. Turns out that Jodie was an Elementary School Prinicpal...not sure what is worse. High School or Elementary?? As teens get older don't they just get worse??? just kidding!! NOT!!