Wednesday, July 10, 2013

People on holidays are wonderful creatures!!!


I’ve just gotten back from a week's holiday in Las Vegas and I wanted to share my conclusions. With temperatures soaring into the high 40’s (over 110F), it was what one might imagine to find in the outskirts of HELL. Seriously!! It was freakin’ hot!!!


Funny thing – it never even slowed us down.


I should elaborate and mention there were three females on this vacation who had all these plans in place.  To shop, have fun, shop, see shows, shop and find great food, shop and maybe if we had time – gamble.

For me, one of my main goals for the trip was to be able to talk to people at the LVMPD (Las Vegas Metro Police Department) so I could have answers to some questions I had in conjunction with my Vegas Series. Questions like – what do detectives yell while banging on a suspect’s door prior to breaking in? What do the female detectives wear while working? And their vehicles - do they all drive the same type?


There were many smaller informational tidbits I couldn’t really research without talking to a real live person. Therefore, I’m happy to say that I have access to that information now and I believe I made it happen because was actually there. Sure, I probably could have phoned from my home, but call me dumb, I never really thought about following up on this until I knew the trip was a go.


Also, it’s been a few years since I spent any time in that city. I wanted to feel the ambiance of the place again. That pulse that belongs to Vegas alone. I’m an insidious people watcher and sometimes forget that I might be invading someone else’s privacy with my stares. What people don’t realize is that I’m inside my head plotting what I’ve just witnessed whether it be a mannerism that attracted me or words that I overhead and thought I needed to note down. There isn’t a better place in the country to see people who’ve let down their… ahhh “hair” so to speak and behaving with much less restraint than usual.


I’ve got so many notes for my "Character Foible's" list and have to admit that I found many lovable, surprising, sweet, strange, weird, freakin' weird and down-right stupid-weird things that can be fodder for my next series.
Vegas is magical! And people on holidays are wonderful creatures!!!

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  1. I have always said that going to airports and malls was better than going to the zoo. You see a lot more strange creatures that way.

  2. Caleb, you are so right! And Vegas was like a huge mall and airport full of characters :-)