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Meet my friend and wonderful author - Katy Walters!

I'm so happy to have you meet Katy Walters today on Believe! I snuck an introduction post for her in my previous blog because it touched me so much that she would write a book to please one fan.

Hi there,

It is great to visit Mimi’s site.  We met when I discovered her wonderful books, the Vicarage Bench Series, they are so original. I was captivated and became a fan with the first novel.  Mimi is such a lovely friend, and has been so caring and supportive, as I underwent surgery on my hands and wrist. Happily, my hands are back in action.

So just a little introduction, I started writing at an early age, when my younger sister, on being diagnosed  with TB spend most of her childhood in hospitals.  As I used to tell her stories in bed, I then wrote them out for her to read in the sanitoriums. This love of writing never faltered during my career as a psychotherapist/research psychologist. I do like to bring a psychological slant to the books, as they do say, write about what you know.  

A creative world gives the writer such freedom.  The only thing is, one has to be humble, baring one’s soul for the reader. Only with such openness can a writer reach out, and touch the reader. In a truly creative work, there are no secrets. The writer has to stay true to the characters, listen to what each has to say and then follow wherever they may lead. I think I know when a book is working, as I feel it, often laughing or crying with or for the characters. They are not two-dimensional  pen and  ink,  or keyboard and PC personalities; they are living, breathing, emotional, irate, loving, imaginative beings in their own creative dimension. Even more, they become my friends – well most of them. Now, after having written a few books, I trust them to lead me into and through the story.  So, I am not a planner, I only ever have an idea, the new friends, when they start talking, drive the story. 

So, I sincerely hope you enjoy meeting my friends who live in  Reunited at Rhonan. I do remember writing to one reader, that when I penned the last line of Reunited at Rhonan; the last book of the trilogy, I felt quite choked as I was leaving the world of Rhonan.  But a new story beckons along with more friends to share their lives with me. Hopefully.
Poodle Puppy and British Longhair Kitten high fiving against white background
Sequel - Newly published from Katy Walters the author of the hugely popular Lords of Rhonan series

Reviewer ***** “Scary Supernatural Romance – will hold you spell bound to the last page.”

Reviewer***** “Paranormal romance. Stunning! This book gripped me from the first page. I love the paranormal and this had me turning the pages. It's a great story and the writer has a fast pace so I was glued. The séances gave me goosebumps - chilling.”
The Incubus relentlessly pursues Jessica, intent on making her his own. As he confronts Jess and Dinah, they find they cannot resist him; but to give in to his sexy demands means certain death. Can Lucy can save them, as she summons Phantom, a vicious feral cat, once an ancient shaman, who shape shifts from cat to puma?
At the Manor, the friends open a Centre for Psychic Studies, where Dinah develops into a strong healer whilst Lucy becomes a powerful physical medium, a channel for good but also a channel through which the demons manifest.
Jess time travels, relentlessly fighting to bring the ghostly lovers Muriall a penniless ward and Lord Duncan of Rhonan together again.

Douglas struggles with his disbelief as a high-ranking demon, rages in the castle dungeons, a demon determined to drag Jess down to hell, a demon so powerful, it pits its strength against the Vatican itself. Will the warrior of God, the Jesuit Tobias Marescas arrive at Rhonan in time to save them from a horrific death?

You can friend Katy on Twitter @bluesytee



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