Monday, July 29, 2013

Maybe a "Counterfeit Cowboy" - but a truly genuine author - Gail MacMillan!

Today, it gives me great pleasure to introduce a
wonderful author and friend, Gail MacMillan.
Published by... The Wild Rose Press


Her book Counterfeit Cowboy is first on my Kindle which means I'm reading it right now.

Started it today in my bath and the ring around the tub and the wrinkles in my skin (no - not only from old age) tells its own story. I got hooked and couldn't stop.

Now I can't wait to get to bed tonight so I can get back to Shelly and Jordan's story.

Not only does Gail’s writing flow beautifully,

but she's got four troubled teens being mentored by a rich, handsome

country-western singer and a sassy lady vet who wants nothing to do with him.

Now that kind of plot will grab me every time.


I was delighted when my friend Mimi invited me to write about my latest book, Counterfeit Cowboy, on her blog.  Mimi has been a wonderful support and source of inspiration.  I admire both her and her stories. Mimi, like a rare gem, is one of a kind.
(awww shucks!! xoxo)

Now to “Counterfeit Cowboy.”  I started thinking about writing the story several years ago when I was taking riding lessons (I won’t bring my age into the story but let’s just say my children had all graduated from university by that time).  I loved the horse farm where I was taking instruction and the people involved with it.  I saw it as a setting for a story but a definite plot eluded me.  Then, one day while watching a country music video, I began to wonder if any of these “cowboys” actually could ride a horse.  Thoughts began to run together…small, east coast horse farm, country music singing sensation who couldn’t ride a carousel needing to gallop off into the sunset in an upcoming movie.  Where better for him to hide his lack of equestrian skills while learning to master a horse than a secluded New Brunswick farm.  Then make the owner of the farm a no-nonsense veterinarian who saw country music singers as counterfeit cowboys.  Yes, yes!  There were the bare bones of a plot. 

During the time the plot was jelling I was in e-mail correspondence with a remarkable woman, British Columbia rancher Joan Trask.  Joan and her husband Harold generously allowed me to name one of their foals Fancy.  With a silver mane and tail and charcoal grey body, the filly was gorgeous.  Sadly, at two years of age, Fancy became the victim of a tragic accident.  Joan and I wept long distance.  We both knew there’d never be another Fancy. 

The following year I dedicated one of my books to Fancy’s memory but with “Counterfeit Cowboy” I went a step further.  I fashioned the little mare into being one of the  characters.  Thus, “Counterfeit Cowboy” is a tribute to a wonderful animal whose life was like a rose in bloom…brief  but beautiful.   
Also Author of -  Holding off for a Hero - Rogue's Revenge - A Breed Apart - Lady and the Beast - Ghost of Winters Past -  Caledonian Privateer 



  1. What a beautiful write up, Gail, on your book "Counterfeit Cowboy". Brings tears to this day when I think of our little Fancy but you have made a wonder tribute to her. Joan Trask

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment, Joan. I'll be sending it on to Gail because I know she'll love it too.