Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Intensify your communication skills! #SocialMedia

This really sounds like a difficult undertaking, doesn’t it? Intensify is a like a power word and can scare the pants off many. In actual fact, it’s not a big deal. All it means is to quit hiding and hoping readers will find you buried in the bowels of Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

If you haven’t published yet – better still. You will have time to build a network for when you do release your first book. So......
Start now!

Of course, it means you will have to go out of your comfort zone and find the readers.
I know!!! You’re an author. You write books. So do I! And I love writing my stories, staying safe in my little office, hiding from the world, playing with my make-believe characters and being as naughty as I want without any consequences to me personally.

Stop it!!

If you want to make this pastime into a professional career, and I’m talking about where you can earn a living wage, then you MUST take some chances. If you aren’t sure how to ramp up your communication skills take some courses. Research ways on Google. And prepare to be bamboozled with all kinds of offers to get your name out there and of course the only drawback is the cost for many of these proposals. Hell, if you can afford it, why not? Just make sure to choose the best bang for your buck. (Mine is the Free Partays!!)

But that still isn’t helping you to communicate as an individual and that’s where the problem lies. It’s you – the person who writes those wonderful stories that will garner you fans and not just readers. Fans are wonderful folks. You see, they hang in there with you from book to book, and if you’ve linked with them even in a small way, they wait anxiously for you to produce another masterpiece for them to rush to buy and save to read. They have faith that your work will lift them out of their ‘hum drum’ everyday lives and make them glad they know about you and your precious stories. So glad, in fact, that they tend to share their devotion with others. BONUS!!

Now that is the reason you want to meet these precious readers. With their support in writing reviews, following blogs and interacting on facebook, twitter and goodreads, they are the magical component that will bring you the success you crave.

If you’re still hesitating, think of it in this way. It’s your job to write fiction and do it well. There are portions of your work that take a certain amount of energy. Like building your characters, plotting to make your scenes first-class and revising from draft to draft so that your story is tight and the best you can do. Think of promotion as just another step in the process. Be active on at least one of the better known sites so that there is a way for your readers to find you. YOU!

DO IT!!! Please….


Speaking about the Free Partays as one of my ways to promote

both me and my books, we’re at it again…

*** It’s true! ***
There are always different authors joining us with new books, but I just know many of you are now faithful fans of the customary authors who’ve been with many of the partays since the beginning.

So there is a treat in store for you.

Loads of books - FREE - today and tomorrow.
Welcome to our...

The Surrogate's Secret 1st Partay.

Dipping my toes in a new genre -
Contemporary Romance



  1. You're right Mimi! One has to be a risk-taker.
    I've learned so much from you. And there certainly is more info to absorb. Every day I try to make more of an in-road into social media. Thanks so much.

  2. I'm so glad you got me on Twitter when you did. And Free Partay (for the one day I've done it so far) seems to be giving the best promotion for my book. Never mind the money, it's just amazing to think so many people have downloaded my book! Now I know not all of them are going to read it immediately but some will.

  3. Hi Jodie, You're a very intelligent woman who understands the importance of Social Media in today's publishing world. I have no doubt of your eventual success.

  4. Hi Pat, It's lovely to have you join our Free Partay team. And I'm so glad that it's been an amazing experience for you. And trust me - enough people will read your book and even leave you reviews and that's a thrill in itself. Better get busy writing the next one so you can have more product to promote :-)