Friday, June 7, 2013

Online romances form 1/3 of recent marriages in the US!!

More than a third of recent marriages in the USA started online, according to a study out Monday that presents more evidence of just how much technology has taken hold of our lives.


This was the editorial that Sharon Jayson, USA TODAY, wrote on June 3, 2013.

This article showed up in my mailbox, forwarded by a fellow in our local authors group. His message hinted that for the romance writers this could be the basis of a new type of love story. Fellow meets girl online.

You know, this stayed in my head until I just knew I had to write a blurb about the new way of romance in today’s society.

I don’t know about you but it doesn’t quite work for me. I mean, where is the instant recognition of two strangers - eyes connecting across a crowded room? The lust felt when two people are attracted and their body’s chemistry takes over. That shyness that dazzles when fate brings you together and the knowing that comes when you touch for the first time. Wouldn’t that be missing?

Well wouldn’t it?

Not necessarily. Even though this whole new social media matchmaking is foreign to me, it makes some sense. I equate it to the fact that I have made wonderful new friends since I’ve started my career as an author. I’m talking about many of my online friends who I’ve never met. And yet, if any of them were to say they would be in my neighbourhood, I would be thrilled and happy to host them – perfect strangers whom I have such affection for.

In today’s world where we fear strangers and have a huge amount of anxiety for our privacy, maybe it seems like a weird statement. Except it’s the absolute truth! I feel extremely close to many women who’ve become my dear friends and with whom I’ve carried on correspondence with and shared precious moments…not just the happy ones, times when I've been upset or worried were written about also. In fact, I’ve been able to write some of my most private thoughts to friends online that I’d probably never share with people in the same room.

So I’ll happily resist letting my old-fashioned views get in the way of the new order. Actually, when you think about it, if a romance online does lead to marriage then the two people involved have to get together at some point? Right?


Now I would think if you’re talking about special moments, my author’s mentality can’t help but picture the most romantic of meetings. Only this time it would be a meeting of two hearts already familiar with each other.

How special is that?

What do you think? Would you want to start a relationship online? Do you know anyone who has?


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  1. My romance started online. I met my fiancé on an online dating website. We exchanged emails for two weeks and then it was time to take the plunge and meet in person. I was nervous for that first date but excited too.

    I got to the restaurant early. The moment he walked in I recognized him. We both smiled. He came over and sat down. It was like we'd known each other for years as we talked over lunch. In the parking lot he kissed me. I had other dates lined up that week (also with people I met online) and I cancelled them right away. I knew this one was the one for me.

    And now we're engaged. Going to be married next year. I wonder what the stat is for Canada where we're from.

  2. Awww Cindy - I loved your story. And it was very romantic! I could just picture you watching for him with your heart going a-mile-a-minute - hoping he'll like how you look and well - like you! You know I just might have to start a new series about online romance!!! Hell let's start a new genre!! Yep -start off with a christmas book - yep!!! The plot is forming... hummmm :-)