Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Names for your characters??


I cannot believe that I’ve finished 5 books to my Vegas series and that I’ve already written the first chapter for the sixth. From the very beginning, I knew I would be writing these stories as a series because it was the only way I could incorporate all the names I wanted to use.

Right – I probably never explained to you why the names were important. Well – the story goes that my older sister (by 13 months) only likes to read suspense. She forced herself to read a few of the Vicarage Bench books but her heart wasn’t in it – or so I was told by my mother who can’t keep a secret.

I decided I needed to come up with the type of a plot that my sibling would read and enjoy. When I had the chance to submit the first Vegas story “Partners” to go into an anthology with other suspense writers, I knew I had her. Now she couldn’t say that I didn’t write her to her taste in reading.  

Aha! To make things even more difficult for her to ignore, I used all the names of her family, her kids, grandchildren, etc. as my characters. Without any shame whatsoever, I had her between the proverbial rock and a hard place…..LOL. I loved it!

Except she still had an out. Seems her e-reader is a Nook and my books only sell on Amazon. The formatting wasn’t compatible and she couldn’t download them to her e-reader.

Aww sh-ucks!

Then the angels smiled on me and decided my parents had to make a move and of course we would all pitch in. When my sister arrived from three provinces away, my mom’s new kindle filled with my books, was quickly offered to her for bedtime reading. Goodie, I had her now

Gotta tell you, there’s something about my older sister who’s always been the smart one in the family reading my work. I mean, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished but…??? In my heart I know the Vegas books are good story-telling. But then again, she’s used to reading single-title length, New York best-selling authors. I can’t compete with them. I consider my work to be likened to an entertaining television weekly like “Castle” for instance, not an academy award-winning movie. They both have their places in our lives, but they aren’t at all the same.

When she finished reading “Partners”, she said it was too short. I told her it was supposed to be a short introduction to the series and the characters. She nodded.

That’s it!!??

Oh boy! Then after she finished reading “Roll the Dice”, I held my breath and she gave me the best compliment imaginable. She told me that she’d become so immersed in the plot that she had forgotten that the names were in any way personal.

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