Sunday, June 16, 2013

Good cover artists are worth their weight in gold!

I’m very proud to reveal another cover recently designed by my most talented cover artist Steven Novak.


I love the way he sh-mushed all three angel books together under one fantastic cover and made it look brilliant.


Look - we all know how important covers are for getting sales. Therefore, it stands to reason we need to have a good artist to do our work. Someone you trust and who has a great sense of style. When I first started working with Steven, I would give him my ideas in detail and he’d try his best to fulfill the images I had running through my imagination. Funny thing was that they were never quite right – never perfect.

Not surprising if one knew what the inside of my head was like!! :-(

Frustration would set in and we’d compromise. Eventually, I realized that the more I backed off, the better his covers were. He needed very little guidance. Other than the gist of the story and whether I wanted a person on the cover, or blossoms and a crib LOL, he would create the perfect illustration. 


Now I leave a lot of the designing to him and wait with bated breath to see what he’ll come up with. And trust me; I never have a long wait either. He’s that quick. I feel fortunate because I know a lot of other authors who complain about the length of time they have to wait for their work to be done and I can’t help but smirk with satisfaction.  


And did I mention how reasonable his prices were?


  1. I second everything you've said about Steven Novak. He is great to work with, reasonable and very creative. He has done some stunning covers for me.

  2. Beautiful cover! Steven did an excellent job!

  3. I agree. I love my cover artist, Su at Earthy Charms, and now send such little informtion that she has to send me back questions, like, "Is he a cowboy?"

  4. Once you find a gem like we have, just hang on to them. Having to stsrt with someone new now would be such a pain!!:-)