Friday, June 14, 2013

Cover Reveal for my first Contemporary Romance!

Don’tcha just love this cover? I did as soon as I saw it. So... I showed it to my husband and he gave me the typical male response….sigh!


“What kind of fool would put a baby's crib outside under a tree? The kid could get bitten by a bee!”


Yeah - so what does he know....arghrrr!


For me, I loved the colors woven together that spell out correctly that this is a contemporary sweet romance about babies. The title rather gives that away also.


Here I go - jumping genres - again!! But heck, I couldn’t see this lovely story gathering dust in the bowels of my computer files. Didn’t seem right somehow.



  Chapter One


     Sheri O’Connor stood in the doorway of her twin’s bedroom and watched the two babies peacefully sleeping. A huge swell of love filled her soul while tears of thankfulness flooded her eyes. No one could love their babies more. Seeing that she was a surrogate mom, it wasn’t supposed to be this way but a greater power had dealt her this hand and she felt honored to play it.

     Tired, she tiptoed forward to cover the two huddled close together in the same crib and kissed her fingers and then touched them to their silky hair, first Rafael and then Carrie-Anne. They had taken a while to settle this afternoon. It must be the heat. In Washington, DC, when it was hot it scorched.

     A doorbell broke the silence and made her wince. Oh no! Not Charlie again. Her neighbour was a worrywart about her and the children.

     Again the doorbell pealed this time followed by an impatient knock.  Moving quickly to the front entrance, Sheri wrenched the door open, not caring if her behaviour warned her lurking friend that an attitude adjustment might be needed. “Charlie, for heaven’s sake, the babies just went to sleep and I’m fine....”

     The tanned, good-looking man leaning against the doorjamb wasn’t Charlie. This male reached well over six feet, and looked to be pure trouble. Raised eyebrows, head held at a cocky angle, and a stare from cold gray eyes would irritate most people. It certainly affected Sheri.

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