Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Romance Author Publishing a Children’s Book??

Released today and is available on
Is this weird?

For me it isn’t. I’ve always wanted to write for children. In fact it was the way I started in the business. I took four years of classes with the Institute of Children’s Literature courses and at the end of that time, I had one story published. It was called “Run for Joy” and it was picked up by a multicultural magazine for children.
(This is a story I wrote from the time I lived in Africa and was based on my fondest memory while there. Driving home from the marketplace in a torrential downpour, I saw a small, naked, African boy running through the rain while kicking a half-filled soccer ball. This handsome little fellow had the biggest smile on his face and it tugged at my heartstrings. I fell in love with that image and knew at that moment that one day I would write a story for him. It seems only right that it be my very first published work.)

The problem was that I found I was dealing with a very small market. The institute mainly taught about writing for children’s magazines, and let’s face it; there are very few magazines out there. For those that are traditional, they accept only a small amount of submissions for each monthly or bi-monthly magazine.  Taking into account the already established authors who totally fill the need,  a fresh voice has a hard uphill battle. If you were lucky and hit on something that resonated with the editor, and the story would fit in the magazine’s guidelines, they would accept the work and pay a pittance. This tight market soon made me lose my zest.

Mind you, I have no complaints because it was at the time that I had decided that some of the romance books I had read were so poorly done that I could do better – and then did just that. Which led me to the career I enjoy so much today.

Of course, as happy as I am writing my paranormal angels, spirit-travel and Vegas suspense, there was still that mommy in me who wanted to publish some of my favorite stories from the past. And so – you know what??

I did!!

Meet the Grumpy Little Cedar. This story was my way of telling the complainers that maybe they were  lucky and should look on the bright side rather than grouch about silly things that aren’t nearly as bad as they think.

I hope this will help some loving parents and grandparents to entertain their little ones with a lesson. And to keep them smiling with the happy ending.



  1. It's no so strange at all, Mimi. My first completed novel was a MG read. However, I was published in action/adventure, romance and women's fiction. Meantime, I wrote some more MG novels and now I feel the time is right to publish my earlier works and that's exactly what I'm still in the process of doing.

    Write what's on your heart, I say.

  2. Thanks for the support J.L. I believe you're's nice to write romances and I love doing so. But it's as important to reach for the dream that started me off in this business in the first place.
    Goo luck with you MG novels xo

  3. Hi Mimi,
    Congrats! I write both kids and adults stuff too. I'm wondering if you had a dilemma about whether to use a different name for the kid's book?

  4. Hi Carla, funny you should mention this - I just put up a blog about using different names today on Believe! And my answer is a resounding nope...uh huh...forgitaboudit!! Not in today's wonderful world of "new rules"!!