Friday, June 28, 2013

A GENUINE Author!!?

I just had to share with you a portion of a letter I received from my very dear friend, Katy Walters -author of the Lords of Rhonan Series.


***I wanted to give you a bit of background into Katy’s life recently. She has problems with her hands and wasn’t able to type for some time. Thankfully, she’s much better now. But it did stop her being able to work as usual.***


Katy wrote - I had just finished two new crime novels when I had an email from a reader, asking when the third book to the Rhonans would be ready. To be quite honest Mimi, I didn’t intend writing a third as I had begun to lose interest and the books weren’t selling overly, just poodling along, so I thought – I would write what interested me. Hence the two crime books. However, the guy – yes – a guy reading romance, and paranormal at that, wrote that he bought the first Rhonan book to read on the plane, and was so immersed, he downloaded the second book whilst on holiday and is “now waiting with bated breath for third” and last Rhonan. I felt so guilty. Here was someone waiting for the third and last book. It would take me months to write another Rhonan. But I knew I would have to put the editing of the crime books to one side. For me the one reader is as important as the many, and this reader was that one.


When I read this section of her letter, I stopped and closed my eyes and truly delved inside. Would I do this? Could I take months to write a book that I had given up on? That I had no heart for?


Could you? ....Would you?


I guess a genuine author who wanted to please her readers – did!
I've invited Katy to be a guest on Believe! - so watch for her post soon!!!

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