Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What is the most important aspect about the “WAY” I write? #amwriting #free

I was asked a question at the last RWA chapter meeting I went to and I had to think about the answer. If you’re an author, maybe this is something you will ponder when thinking about your own work. And if you’re a reader, for sure you might find this interesting.

I was asked what I found to be the most important aspect about the “WAY” I write.

Humm… I have to admit that I’ve never worried about being a literary, prizewinning writer. I didn’t study creative writing with the thought that one day I might win a prestigious award or have my name up there beside people like Margaret Atwood, and others too numerous to name.

On my first series, The Vicarage Bench, I had wanted to push the boundaries of reality. I loved the show Quantum Leap and wondered if two souls could exist inside one body. After writing the first in the series “She’s Me” (pretty apt title!!) I realized I could craft a believable tale using that concept. At no time did I imagine that my words were anything other than understandable and fairly well thought out.

Belief in magic was the sole reason I started the series, Angels with Attitudes. I mean, we all need a little enchantment now and again, don’t we? Truth to tell, I’ve met real live angels in my life (in human form of course)  but those folks were just that much more spiritual (I didn’t say religious), or generous… or maybe just good that they didn’t seem like the ordinary, run-of- the- mill person….but they really were simply individuals like ourselves that cared about others and showed it in their kindness..

Then while working on the Vegas Series,  I wanted to write books that entertained the reader as if they were watching their favorite, hour-long television shows like Castle, Hawaii Five-O or 24. My wish was to create shorter, snappy stories based on great characters and lots of conflict.

So… I guess I'm ready to answer that question.

I want my stories to entertain!! Let the readers leave their ordinary lives for the hours they are wrapped up in my words. Whether visiting with angels, spirit-travelling through time or being caught up in a Vegas detective’s battles, I hope they enjoy their journey.

Together Again is one of my most entertaining stories about a sixteen-year-old girl whose spirit travels forward in time and invades the body of a busy reporter. The poor man has a really hard time believing in magic!!

If you like spirit-travel and time-travel in the same story, then this is your kind of read. What's more - It's FREE!!!

Is happy to give away a lot of best-selling author's work for free!!! So please give yourself a treat and check it out!!

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